Monday, September 28, 2009

Bowling Alley Update

Some of you may remember the post where I talked about our basement resembling a
bowling alley. We have done some decorating since then and someone the other day asked me how the bowling alley was looking, so here are some photos.
The picture above shows an antique sideboard, a rocking horse that was used by our children and now our grandchildren, an old ladder which houses some of my quilts. The red and white quilt was made by my coworkers as a retirement gift. Isn't it beautiful?
The downstairs is big enough for a game table. Most people have a pool table in the basement but we don't play pool. I really thought a ping pong table would be fun, but David nixed that idea.
This is one of my favorite antiques--a double antique school desk. The stuffed people/animals on it are characters from children's books.
This is the view looking from the seating area back to the "kitchen" as Caleb likes to refer to it.
This is the sitting area/TV room.


A Tale of Two Cities said...

Looks like a lot of nesting going on. It will be good for snuggling this cold winter....


happily_married_sweetpea said...

Love, love, love the ladder idea!! How ingenius:) BTW this is Sara Simmons. I love your blog and being able to check out your world there in CS. I miss Colorado:) Send us some cooler weather.

Miss G said...

It looks great, Mom! I can't wait to be there again. love you! Kelly

BR said...

Wait. I thought I was going to sleep in the bowling alley someday. aaaaahhhh?! Where now?