Thursday, June 27, 2013

Why All the Cooking?

This is what my freezer looks
like as we prepare for our
2013 Family Reunion.
Several, including family members
have wondered why I am doing so much cooking.

There are several reasons:
#1  I enjoy spoiling my family.
#2  I want to be able to enjoy visiting while everyone is here,
so if I cook ahead of time, I just have
to take it out of the freezer and heat it up.
#3  It was fun going through my cookbook
and picking out some old family favorites
and thinking of those people
while I was cooking.
We had a family reunion 2 years ago.
My family came after my first chemo
treatment.  My wonderful oncologist
timed my first chemo so that I would be
feeling good by the time family arrived.
The JOY of being with family
at that reunion and the HAPPY MEMORIES
literally carried me through
my time of recovery.

Because they spoiled me 2 years ago,
it is my turn to spoil them now!!!
Texas Trash
They guys especially like this.

Grasshopper Pie has become
a favorite of the nieces and nephews
through the years.  One Thanksgiving
we were moving to a new house
and the recipe was packed away.
Niece Jenny to the rescue.
She had a copy of the recipe.
Josh has teasingly accused me for years
of making this for my favorite
nephew.  They are all my

I must have made this Chocolate Sheet Cake
hundreds of times for devotionals that
we had at our house for the teens.
Because my family all lived close by,
they often got to have the cake too.

Sand Tarts were a favorite of my brothers
and also of my sweet daddy.  We
will miss his infectious
smile as we enjoy each
others company.

I made Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls
(adapted) for the first time in Colorado,
but I think the family will like them.

Some other dishes that are in the freezer
and are not pictured are:
Pepper Steak--a favorite meal of Jeremy
Chili-for Hot Dogs and Chili on the 4th of July
Million Dollar Spaghetti--my family is worth a million $
Grandma Bergeron's Oatmeal Cookies
Amaretto Cheesecake
Sausage Balls--a must have for the Young Adult
Christmas Brunch every year
Chicken Spaghetti--a recipe from a dear lady
at a church from years ago

Can you tell we are getting excited about
having family here in Colorado both
for the official reunion in Rocky Mountain
National Park, but also for a few days
here in the Springs?
I don't know what all we'll do,
 but I do know that we will EAT!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

DIY Project--Card Table and Chairs

The card table and chairs that
our grandchildren use had gotten
pretty pathetic.
Not really from hard wear,
but from being out in the
Once a tear starts, little fingers
just cannot help the idea
of helping it along.  
I had heard that you could use
vinyl tablecloths to recover
the table and chairs pretty

I'm happy with the way they
turned out.  Thanks to my
sweet husband who helped with
putting all the screws back
in the correct places.  I
did most of them, but
he had to step in at the end.  

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Building a Bear with Aaron

You have probably noticed that I refer
to my grandson Aaron as the
stuffed animal boy.
He loves any and all
stuffed animals.
So I knew that a visit to
Build a Bear was a perfect 
birthday present.
He was such a little trooper.
The lady who was helping us told
him to stand on the pedal
which would fill his bear with fur.
He intently watched as
the fur came out of the little machine.
Next, it was time to put
the heart in his bear.
First he held it to his face.
Then he kissed it.
He was very interested in
watching the lady sew up his bear
(with the heart inside).
He even helped pull the string.
Then it was time to bathe and
fluff up his bear.
He really enjoyed this part.
(Sorry for the blurry picture.
He was working fast).
Although he had trouble
picking out the exact animal
he wanted, he had no trouble
picking out his clothing.
However, Bear still doesn't
have a name.  He said
he needed to ask his
mom and dad.
Unfortunately, you cannot see the
roller skates attached to
the bottom of his tennis shoes.
They were what he wanted
the most.

Holding his bear tightly
on the way home, he said,
"This is a HAPPY bear!"

Happy Birthday Dear Aaron.
You make me a HAPPY Nana!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Art for a Cause

When I was visiting Houston,
my great nephew, Andrew,
told me that he was helping to
raise money for a capital campaign
at his church.  He explained
that they need a new auditorium.

He said that he was doing art work to raise
money.  How can a great aunt, who needs
beautiful artwork in her home,
resist that?

Originally, he was drawing lots
of army type pictures, typical of
grade school boys,
but his Dad (wise man) told
him that women might like
flowers more.
His four year old brother
Nathan, not to be outdone,
drew me an angel.  He said
it was because my parents
"called me angel".

Best art purchase I've made in
a very long time.

Nathan and Andrew, look for your
art when you come to see me in
July for the Family Reunion.