Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Uncle T's Retirement Celebration

My family usually visits in the summer
or fall, but this year, they decided that it would
be great to come in February.
There were two purposes.
#1--to see snow
#2--to celebrate
Uncle Terry's retirement.
The snow came in buckets a few days before
they arrived.  It was the largest
single snowfall we have had since we
moved here.   After they arrived, the sun
shone the entire time they were here.
We visited the Transportation in Denver.
It is really a neat place.
This was at the scenic lookout as
we were driving home from the airport.
Kim and Randy at the Transportation Museum
Aunt Gail, who grew up with snow in Arksasas
was the most adventurous in the snow.
Terry and Gail making a snowman
Randy helped David to shovel
We were a little lacking in the snowman making
materials so the snowman had oreo cookies
for eyes, a carrot for a nose, and a bell pepper slice
for a mouth.
We hiked at Garden of the Gods
(of course).
Aunt Terry & Sweetie
We took a train ride through the Royal Gorge.
Sweetie said this was her favorite
 because she grew up
riding trains.
Yes, we ate on the train.
This family eats every chance we get.
Sweetie on the Royal Gorge
Train.  The scenery was

The guys in the background,
putting up with all of the girl's
picture taking.
Can you believe Sweetie didn't have a coat on?
When the sun comes out, it doesn't
feel all that cold.
The retirement boy making snow ice cream.
Uncle Lynn at the Denver Mint.
Another picture outside the Denver Mint.

We had a blast being together.  
I am so blessed to have such
wonderful siblings and mom.

Happy Retirement Uncle T!