Friday, July 31, 2009

Our New Townhome

These are a few BEFORE pictures of our new townhome. The first one is of the kitchen because I "foolishly" promised David that I would cook every night when I retired. What was I thinking???
These are the french doors into the study which is at the front of the house.
Looking from the back of the house to the staircase to the basement. I can't believe we have a basement. This Native Houstonian never believed that would happen.
OK! This is the bowling alley! Just kidding, this is the basement and it seems as long as a bowling alley. Decorating it is going to be somewhat of a challenge. Any ideas? The first time Caleb saw it, he was ecstatic and of course ran up and down the length of the room over an over.

AFTER pictures to come!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Random Things We Are Enjoying About "The Springs"

This shot was taken from the deck of Mark & Ann Hopkins'
(Mandy's parents) house. Last night while driving we saw
clouds nestled down into the mountains as if they
were snuggling in for the night. We have found that
photographs don't really do the mountains justice.
You need to come and see them in person. (HINT, HINT)
David and I were driving around last night getting to know
our new town when David pointed out 4 deer on the side of the road.
Of course, since I am an enthusiastic blogger, he agreed to drive
around the corner and get back to the same spot so I could get a shot.
I could have reached out and touched them from my car window and we
were in a residential neighborhood.
Why wait until the first snowfall of the season to wear your snowboots?
On one of my first evenings in "The Springs" we took a break from
house hunting to visit a neat little park downtown. There was a farmer's
market, free outdoor concert, and this wonderful fountain and

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The New and Improved Harding Swing

Remember the "un-assembled" Harding Swing? Well here is
the new and improved version thanks to my brother Terry.
I know Terry and Gail will enjoy many happy times swinging with
their two precious grandsons.
Aren't my great-nephews cute?

The Adventure Begins

This picture might not be impressive to anyone but a Houstonian,
but we have had so little rain this summer that it was exciting
to be driving away from Houston in a rain shower.
We made a stop at Buckey's outside of Huntsville.
No, I'm not to the Colorado wilderness with bears.
These fellows were in front of Buckey's.
Wonderful west Texas!
Fields and fields of what we think was corn, but these city slickers were not sure.
I have to keep reminding myself that it is an hour earlier
than where most of my family and friends are.
After being in Texas for hours upon hours, we spent a very short time in our
son in law's home state of New Mexico.
A nice sign to see at the end of a long drive.
The best part of the trip!!!!!

Sweet Reunion

More posts to come but thought everyone might like to see the picture of Nana and Caleb reunited in Colorado Springs. Caleb was taking a nap when we arrived but as soon as he woke up, we started playing. He had to take me to his "office" which is his AnnMa and Papa (Mandy's parents) office. He then proceeded to show me his new airplane, his map of the United States, and the seal that Sweetie sent him. It was one of his favorite baby toys. We had a delicious dinner prepared by Jeremy and a wonderful blueberry pie made by Mandy and then went on a walk in the park behind AnnMa and Papa's house. For those of you who are worried about me and the cold, it is not as cold as the clothes in the picture appear. Since I am not acclimated to cool nights yet, I wanted to wear a light jacket. Of course Mr. Copycat Caleb had to wear his too. And his hood had to be up the whole way. He was climbing rocks and showing us all the sights. Thanks to everyone who wished us well in our new home. Keep our house search in your prayers. I know God has chosen the perfect home for we just have to find it.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Believe it or not, this is a Harding Swing!
I'll post a picture of it intact at a later date.

One of the things that we are not taking with us to Colorado
is our wonderful Harding Swing. David gave it to me for our
10 Anniversary and it has helped make many happy memories.
Happily for us, my brother Terry and his wife Gail who both went
to Harding are "adopting" the swing.
If they can piece it back together, it will provide many happy
memories for them as well. Can't wait to hear about
the evenings they spend swinging in it with
their two precious grandsons.

And just in case you are worried, David has promised to have me
another one built when we arrive in Colorado.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Packing Up

I have lots and lots of Fiesta Dinnerware (as I have packed it away, it almost seemed like too much.) I thought about sorting it by color to pack, but soon discovered that this was way too ambitious.
More Fiesta!
The colors make me happy!