Thursday, June 2, 2016

First Nana Cousin Camp Summer 2016--Favorite Animals Theme

We had our first Nana Cousin Camp of the summer 
last week.  We did a FAVORITE ANIMALS theme.
Foods included:
Kiwi/Grape turtles, Fruit Loop Butterflies
Favorite Animal Fruit Cup

Grape Caterpillars

Animal Mix

We had books from the library
for each of the favorite animals.
Please excuse the upside down picture.
Caleb's Favorite Animal--Koala
Aaron's Favorite Animal--Penguin
David's Favorite Animal--Great White Shark
Cora's Favorite Animal--Elephants

We played the Matching Animal Game
which was a huge hit.

We thoroughly enjoyed the ocean punch where the
white sharks were swimming.


We sat in the zoo (hallway)
and each child gave a report
about their favorite animal.
Caleb went first because he has
lots of experience with recitation from school.

The funniest part of the evening
(so funny that I had tears
rolling down my face
from laughing)
was Cora teaching about elephants.
She had obviously observed
the method of teaching from her brother
and cousins and when she
took the floor, she didn't want
to relinquish it.  That girl
likes to talk.

They each made a book about their
favorite animal.

These kiddos love to draw.

David hard at work.

In case you wonder where the artistic
Cora is in these pictures, well, she
decided that she needed her nails
done in the middle of the party.
Yes, she's our girly-girl!

Such fun times with these
precious grandchildren.