Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fun Weekend

I wasn't in "Blog" mode this weekend, meaning that I forgot to take many pictures. I do, though, have pictures of four very special people--my mom and dad, Adrian, and Kelly.

In addition to visiting with these wonderful people, I also got to:
eat REAL TexMex (yummy)
teach a class at UHCL
see many of my friends from church
enjoy some girl time at my mom's house
delight in a family dinner at my sister's house
remember what humidity feels like (you know it helps to keep your skin young) :)
and did I mention eat REAL TexMex????

Looking forward to more weekend visits to Houston!


Kim said...

Hope two weeks pass by fast. Loved having you home! said...

What a great picture of Kelly! Pregnancy glow? :)

Mindy S. said...

I was thinking that Kelly had a definite glow as well! She sure does look happy.