Sunday, April 1, 2012


Texas Bluebonnets and Spring
are synonymous!
What a beautiful display of God's beauty!

My friend, Lea, gave me a
beautiful silver bluebonnet charm created by
You can see it by clicking the link above.
I love wearing it because it
reminds me of my roots.

I still remember the Bluebonnet Song that I learned
in elementary school.

Bluebonnets, Bluebonnets,
With your coats so blue
Your bright eyes are shining
In the morning dew.
They say you're a dolly
Offered for the rain
And Texas wears blue
Bluebonnets in the Spring.

Anyone else sing that song as a child?


A Tale of Two Cities said...

How pretty ALL of you are--the bluebonnets too! Where id you find them? I've got some of Jordan and Jackson to share someday soon.

Miss G said...

I didn't know the other boys got their pictures taken too. Fun! I never knew that song. Kelly

Jean Frank said...

I remember singing that as a child too. I lived in San Antonio Tx and we used to sing that in Kindergarten in music class- 1986. Good memories!