Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ducca and His Grandsons--In-and-Out Burger T-Shirts

David, aka Ducca, has quite
a collection of In-and-Out Burger
T-Shirts.  In fact, I went to his closet to count
and he has 18 hanging in the closet
and 2 still in their cellophane wrapping
just in case a new one is required for a
"dress-up" event. 

In case you are wondering why
those numbers are in small font,
it is because I got permission to
share this information only if
I put it in small print.

Since Caleb, Aaron, and David so often
see Ducca wearing his In-and-Out shirts,
we thought it would be fun to get them
matching ones for Christmas.
Great photos on the backs of these shirts
Great guys in the shirts
These pictures definitely highlight
each boy's personality.
Aaron is not real fond of having his picture taken.  
Can you tell that David enjoys imitating his
big cousin Caleb?  He informed me that they
had made the "peace sign".  
Crazy faces
Front and back view.
Caleb loves to put his arm around Ducca.  
One more view of the peace signs.  

Cute boys--great Ducca!!!!  

Sunday, March 16, 2014

St. Patrick's Day 2014

We celebrated St. Patty's Day
a little early this year so that
Caleb and Aaron's Houston
guest, Sophia, could attend.

You can never have enough green on this special holiday.
Gift Bags to take all the goodies home
Ducca doesn't often get to be in the pictures
because he is the official photographer.
Reading clues to the Treasure Hunt.
It was fun having little readers this year
to be able to read their own clues.
We did several crafts including decorating
their own bejeweled shamrocks.
The Rainbow Loom necklaces
and bracelets were what the Treasure
Hunt were all about.
Our two guests, Sophia and Anna Kate
soon became good friends.
It was fun having little girls in the mix
this year.  In future years,
Cora will join her boy cousins
providing the feminine touch.
David was the only one who wore his St. Patty's
Bowler all night long.  Hope his parents
were able to get the glitter out of his
hair before church the next morning.
We had lots and lots of GREEN food, both the healthy
and the not so healthy variety.
In the "healthy" section were Fruit Loops
and Lucky Charms.  One of the kiddos said
"Is this healthy?"  Smart kids.
They created Wooden spoon Leprechauns.
You have to love Pinterest when
party planning.
Please notice Aaron's green costume
proudly designed by Aaron.
Green striped Christmas PJ top.
St. Patrick's day "shorts".  They
are NOT underwear even though they
might look like it.  They are shorts
with underwear underneath.
The green socks are Christmas socks,
but definitely green.  And not pictured
are the green St. Patrick's Day
bandaids that he won in a game
which were plastered on his crocks.

David Boy is all decked out!
Don't let the Christmas shirt
fool you.  It's green and very
St. Patrick's Day worthy.
When we were all discussing
our favorite holidays,
David said, "St. Patrick's Day!"
Our Houston Guest
Sophia (not Sophie) Boudra.
We've known this little
girl since before she was
born and loved having her at
our grandchildren party.
Anna Kate lives just next door
and is often a visitor at our house
when the grandchildren are here.
She was a fun girly addition to the party.
And here's our BIG boy
Caleb.  I can't believe how 
tall he is getting.

Nana's going to enjoy these
special parties while they last, 
since they will grow up soon
and a party at Nana and Ducca's
won't always be the hottest
ticket in town.