Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Children's Literature Nana

Book Cover courtesy of Titlewave.com

When I first thought of having my own blog, the name I thought of was Children's Literature Nana. Because I love children's books and love to share them with all children (and adults when they will listen), it seemed only natural that my focus would be children's literature. However, when it came time to create my blog, I was starting a new adventure and decided that I would focus on that part of my life.

From time to time in He Leadeth Me, I will share thoughts about some of the wonderful children's books that are out there for both children and adults to enjoy.

My favorite book of all time (you will probably hear me say that many times) is Charlotte's Web by E. B. White. It was written the same year that I was born so if you are like my former 4th grade students, you will be hustling to find out the copyright date. I'll save you the time--it was published in 1952.
I love Wilbur the pig, but most of all I love Charlotte the resourceful spider. The final quote in the book is my very favorite--"It is not often someone comes along that's a true friend and a good writer. Charlotte was both."

I would love to know what your favorite children's book is! Please post a comment and let me know.


Supermom said...

My favorite children's book, since becoming a mom, is 'A Tale of Tails' by Elizabeth H. MacPherson. I LOVE to read this one to my kids & we quote the rhymes all the time.

Karen said...

Ironically the illustrator of A Tale of Tails is Garth Williams who also illustrated Charlotte's Web. Isn't tha ironic?

Miss G said...

Oh my! I have several as well but the whole Anne of Green Gables series is right up there as well as the Little House on the Prairie books, Katie John and of course, Nancy Drew! love you, Kelly

Mindy S. said...

Anne of Green Gables was the first series that came to mind, but since my girls aren't to that stage yet I have to include "I love you through and through", "Dear Zoo" and anything by Kevin Henkes. I could go on and on. :-)

Mindy S.

Deborah said...

My favorite book as a young child was always The Giving Tree. Actually, I STILL love that book and love to read it to my little ones.

My boys get such a kick out of anything written by Robert Munsch or Nick Bruel.

Kelly, I was a HUGE Nancy Drew fan too. My mom got me hooked on those when I was in late elementary school.

I could keep going, and going, and going...

Emily said...

My favorite childrens' books were the Ramona series. Ahh Ramona Quimby and her tales; I still reference them in conversation. Another childhood favorite, while not a childrens' book, is the New Yorker cartoons, interestingly enough. Reading this post also inspired me to take another look at the copy of Emily's Balloon that you gave me, and that came out to college with me. You are a very special aunt, Aunt Karen:) love you!