Sunday, May 24, 2015

Harding Swing #1 and #2

For our 10th Wedding Anniversary,
my sweet husband commissioned a man
at our church to build me a Harding Swing.

For many years it had a place of honor
in the front yard of our home in Houston, Texas
where we lived for 25 years.
Many events were commemorated in
that swing, from birthday parties to engagements.

We teased that we told our children
they could attend any Christian University of their
choice, but then we placed a Harding swing
right outside their window to help them
make their decision.
They both graduated from Harding.

Most of the pictures from those days
are in physical picture albums so they do not
appear in this post.

Several Harding grads from our church
"borrowed" our swing to be a part
to their wedding receptions.

When we moved about 5 miles away
to Friendswood, Texas, the Harding swing
made the trip as well,
and then it began to host grandchildren and new
in-law children.

So many wonderful occasions 
were documented
in our Harding swing.

Six years ago, we decided to make the move to
Colorado Springs, Colorado
to be close to our children and grandchildren.
We made the hard decision that the swing was too
heavy to transport that long distance.

My brother and his wife had both
attended Harding, so they became the proud
owners of the Harding swing.

Imagine my surprise when I returned from
a business trip and found this wonderful
surprise in my backyard.
My sweet son, Jeremy, had
made me another Harding
swing for my birthday.

The swing once again enjoys
children and grandchildren.

The only difference is that now
it often rests in a blanket of snow.  

Sunday, December 21, 2014

2014 Christmas ABC Letter

2014 was a Wonderful Year
in the Gibson home.
Welcome to 
just a few of my favorite things
from the year.

A is for Adrian.
I realized as I was searching for
photos for this post that I didn't have a single
one of my great son-in-law.
He is truly a treasure and
my resolution for 2015 is
to get some shots of him.
Get ready Adrian!

A is also for Artist.
We had a lot of artwork going on
at our house this year.

B is for Buffalo or if you
are a Harding University graduate Bison.
These were a little scary as they
crowded around our car.

C is for Cora.
As many of you know, Cora
had a rough several months.
She wore a Spica Cast, but her
smiles never stopped.
She was an inspiration to us all.

Another shot of this little
smiling angel with her
cast covered by a Raggedy Ann dress
that her great-great-grandmother
Bergeron made for her mom
many years ago.

D is for Daisies.
Jeremy planted a daisy field for
me this spring.

I cannot tell you how much joy these
pretty flowers gave me.

E is for Easter.
Our sweet next door neighbors came 
over to help the kids with the hunting.

F is for family and how they
are always there to help in a time
of need.  Great Aunt Gail
made these precious bloomers
for Cora when she (and mostly her mom)
 needed something oh-so-pretty
to cover up her cast.

G is for great times.
This was at our St. Patrick's Day
Party which has become a yearly event.
Notice the two guests--Sophie and Anna Kate.
 H is for the
painting Craze.
For some reason, the picture did
not upload, but David can
testify that I have done a
lot of chalk painting this year.
He is just a little afraid to sit
still for too long in case he
risks getting chalk painted.

I is for matching
In-and-Out Burger shirts.

J is for Just Being Crazy.

K is for Kids.
I have 4 and I love them dearly.
See Adrian note at
beginning of post.
Next year you'll have a photo Adrian.

L is for lovely ladies--my daughters.

M is for Mother-Daughter Tea.

N is for Nebraska.
A new state for me to visit.

O is for Outstanding Houston trip
with Caleb where he got to hang
out with the VanLoenen cousins.

P is for Play-doh.
Even Cora managed to play 
without eating it.

Q is for Quality time
with family.

R is for Mt. Rushmore.
It was breathtakingly beautiful.

S is for South Dakota--
another new state for me.

T is for Twins.
You will have to indulge me
with several pictures of the twins
that our family were blessed with
in May.  Congratulations Jenny & Fili.

Photo by Uncle Jon Aven

Proud MawMaw

Super Proud Daddy
A picture of Jenny,
the mom who did all
the hard work of bringing
us these treasures unfortunately
did not upload.  Sorry Jenny.

I love being a Great Aunt.

U is for unexpected visit
with my cousin and her family 
from New Orleans.

V is for Very Pretty Ladies.

W is for Wyoming--yet another
new state.  Jeremy, Caleb, Aaron and I
took a road trip.

X is for Extra Special Buddies.

Y is for New York City.
We spent a wonderful week in
NYC with my siblings.
Check on previous blog posts
if you want to know more
of the adventure.

Z is for Zest for Life.
I love seeing the world through
the eyes of my grandchildren.

Our prayer for you is that
you have a renewed ZEST for life
in 2015.

May the Lord Bless You and Keep You!

David and Karen

Thursday, November 20, 2014

NYC Sibling Trip #6--New York Public Library Children's Room

On our last morning in NYC,
David and I took the subway
to the New York Public Library's
Children's Room.
I was captivated by the  displays and 
murals on the walls
that showed so many of the
places we had visited.

I hope you enjoy!

Welcome to the Children's Room!
The original Winnie the Pooh!

The Hundred Acre Wood

Christopher Robin

Oh, how Winnie the Pooh loves his honey.

Times Square and the Theater District

What a special Green Space Central Park is!!

Books, Books, and More Books
I was in Children's Lit heaven

We enjoyed a young man singing Beatles songs
in Strawberry Fields in Central Park, built
by Yoko Ono to remember John Lennon

I loved seeing newer books like
Scaredy Squirrel along side the classics.

We spent some time at the Guggenheim Museum

Thanks for sharing some memories with me on my
posts of our NYC Sibling Trip!

How blessed I am to be able to share
such special times with my family.