Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Laundry Dilemma UPDATE

Well friends, you saw the many suggestions that came in about my laundry dilemma.
I am taking all suggestions to heart, but there are two that are getting the most consideration.
#1--Jenni had the very first suggestion about granite countertops.
Since I have not had granite countertops before and have them now, this seemed to make a lot of sense. So for the past 2 days, I have worn an apron almost all day when I am at home (much to David's amusement--he thinks I am always cooking) and ALAS there have been no new holes sighted.
#2--You did not see this idea because it came in e-mail format, but it was so delightful that I feel I must share. The author (who will remain anonymous unless you recognize the initials LF) suggested that the holes came from my Belly Button Ring. LOL



Supermom said...

Maybe that is the problem. My friend makes cute apron sets if you need some more...looks like you might if you will be wearing them everyday!


Kim said...

You never had trouble with your belly button ring at your Friendswood house!

happily_married_sweetpea said...

LOL!! What a smart niece you have there:)