Sunday, September 20, 2009

Laundry Dilemma

OK, all of my friends in Blogland, I have a problem and those closest to me are getting tired of me showing them my laundry dilemma and of me trying to get them to help me figure it out so I am sharing my problem with you in hopes that some BRILLIANT person can help me.
Several, and I mean several of my shirts are getting holes in them. I hope you can see from the pictures below--I have put a red cloth behind the holes in hopes that they would show up better. They start out with tiny little pinprick holes and then they "grow". They are always right about waist level.

I have been working on this puzzle for a several weeks because I don't want to have to replace all my clothing every few weeks (although there is a Stein Mart in Colorado Springs.) See the solutions that have been ruled out.

not one of my bracelets puncturing the cloth

no, I'm not wearing a belt that is puncturing the cloth

it does not seem to be something that I am leaning up against

the seatbelt of the car does not hit in that spot

it cannot be happening in the washing machine
because it is always in the same spot and no other.

My husband's clothing is all doing just fine.

Any and all suggestions are welcome. If we cannot solve this dilemma together, I will be asking for contributions so that I can buy new clothing. :)


Jenni said...

my friend Heather was having the same thing happen and she figured out that it was her granite countertop along the edge of the sink in the kitchen....wearing an apron when in the kitchen has solved her problem.....just a thought!

Miss G said...

This is such a crazy problem. Maybe Jenni's suggestion is right. love you! Kel

Supermom said...

Karen, this kept happening to my Mom awhile back too! One day, her & I went shopping & she wore a brand new shirt that she had never worn before. Half way through the day, the holes were there already! So, we think it was from brushing up against the shopping cart handle. I will have to ask her if she has had it happen anymore now that she is purposefully trying not to do that.

Anonymous said...

I think it is the dry Colorado climate and you need to move back to Houston. donna

MM said...

I agree with Donna, it's that fresh mountain air. You just didn't realize that Houston smog and humidity was actually protecting your clothes!

GJS said...

This seems to be a real puzzle. Since it isn't happening to Dave's clothes it must be something that only you are doing.
Miss you around here. Maybe moving back to Houston is the answer. Maybe these little holes are reminders of the friends who are missing you. :)

Kim said...

I will watch my shirts when I come to visit, and if it happens to me, it is Colorado, and I am bringing you back with me!

Ashley S. said...

I have similar small holes in some of my shirts. I always assumed they were from either the book bag I carry or maybe the button on my jeans and pants.

curlycue81 said...

I have had a similar issue and found out that it was silver fish. Silver fish will eat clothes, who knew. I do not know if that is your issue, but you can get traps for them from the exterminator. Good luck. It stunk because they would always go for my favorite outfits. Melanie

Anonymous said...

Could it be your purse that is catching it? Just a thought! :)

BR said...

Wow!! What fascinating suggestions! Oh my word, CurlyCue, what on earth is a silverfish!?!!? That comment scared me out of my mind!! Up here, in Alaska, "silvers" refer to silver salmon. But I would never want to exterminate them. I'm so excited to find out what it is someday. You'll have to keep us posted!

curlycue81 said...

BR...Silver fish are little insects that are small, silver, roach like (that is all I can think to describe). They like to eat cloth. It is horrible. I have lost a many of a shirt because of holes. The holes start small, like a pin prick, and grow. They seem imposable to get rid of, but it may be something you see in Texas. No Salmon eating my clothes here. Good luck Karen...hopefully you figure it out. Melanie

Bethany said...

I have the same problem!! I have no idea what is causing it either. I wouldn't think it would be silverfish for me because they are always waist level and only mine, not anyone elses in the family.
I don't have granite countertop but I will have to look at my sink and see if it would catch. I have given up on buying new shirts and just hope people don't notice the holes. =) I also usually have baby slobber, maybe snot, and other random things on me anyway. =)
Happy birthday by the way!