Saturday, September 24, 2011

Face Painting 101

True Confession Time:
For the past two days, I hadn't put on make-up.
I was just too tired to worry with it.
But this morning, I decided it was time to
be "me" again, so I put on make-up
and even "hair." :)
Then this little superman and his dad and brother
stopped by our house to visit.
They had been to yard sales and Caleb
had bought a face painting kit.
Jeremy did the honors of painting
Caleb's face and then Caleb wanted to paint Nana's face.
Let me tell you, only a grandmother would
go to the trouble of putting on
make-up and then letting her grandchild
paint away at her face.
The white base paint was COLD!
The make-up expert was very thorough.
Not only did I get a full white face,
I got black bones painted on.
In case you can't tell, we are skeletons.
Caleb wanted us to look alike.
Can you tell how excited I was with
the final result?
Isn't it amazing what we will do for our

Friday, September 23, 2011

We ARE Crazy!!!

Back in April, before we discovered
that I needed surgery, chemo, etc.,
we had contracted and paid half the price
to have wood floors installed in our den
and dining room. They were supposed to be
installed in May.
Obviously, that didn't happen.
HOWEVER, they said we should
really have the floors installed before it
was time to turn the heating system on,
or the dust from sanding the existing floors
would float through the entire house.
So right in the middle of the other craziness in our life,
we decided to proceed with the project.
All the furniture had to be moved out of the
living room, dining room, breakfast room and entryway
so that the new floors could be laid and the
old floors could then be sanded,
and all the floors could be varnished so that
they matched.
This is how the breakfast area/den looked on Wednesday.
It is amazing to me how they "feathered" the
wood in so that it will look like it has
always been there.
This is the air compressor "thingy"
that does who knows what but
makes a LOT of noise. Trust me on this.
I can't wait to see how it looks
when they finish it next week!
It will be nice to eat in a dining
room that has floors you can actually
clean! Don't forget, I have 3 sometimes
messy little grandsons.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Little Boys are Falling Down

I thought of the old Nursery Rhyme
"London Bridge is Falling Down"
with our two little guys recently.


Little David was happily eating a plum
at the little folding card table.

Oops! I must have turned the wrong way!
Ducca to the rescue!
Why does Nana always have a camera
handy when I do something like this?

I think I'll just relax and read a book.
This is really a good one.
Can you see that I'm a reader?
What happened?
This chair just dropped me.
Don't worry everybody,
I'm OK.
Big David has a motto
that is famous around here.
"No grandchild gets hurt on Ducca's watch!"
Looks like we are safe for another
little while.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Grandchildren Room Unveiled

WARNING: This post is long and photo intensive!

Have you ever heard the term
"brand loyal"?
One of the brands I am loyal to is
Sherwin Williams Paint.
It could be because my brother
has worked for them for over 30
years; it could be because they
have the best paint; or it could be both.
I found the perfect colors for the grandchildren
room at another store.....
and when I took the chips to Sherwin Williams,
they were able to match them for me.
I then bought 12 Spice Racks from IKEA.
I should say, my sweet husband stopped
by IKEA on the way home from Denver's
Airport and bought them for me.
These IKEA spice racks turned book racks
have been all over blogland and they
were out when we tried to buy them
several other times.
This is what they look like hanging on the wall
with the beautiful primary color paint on them.
The top book rack is being used
for my grandmother's vintage teddy bears.
The first time Caleb was here after the
bears were displayed, he took them
out and had me tell him the story of
"The Three Bears" so they are still bookish.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
curtain from Pottery Barn Kids.
It is actually a shower curtain but
don't tell anyone.
If you look very closely at the curtain
rod, you will see it has butterflies
on the end. That was David's idea.
This wall was a little bit of a pain for
my sweet husband because instead
of the shelves being put up randomly,
they had to all be in straight lines.
He was so wonderful about hanging all 12!!!
Very Hungry Caterpillar rug (bathmat)
from Pottery Barn Kids.
The white bookshelf isn't full of
children's books yet because I haven't
had the energy to move them all.
The shelf was a garage sale find for $2.00.
I just read yesterday that bookshelves
should be 10% empty so you
can actually search for books in them.
This is a wide shot of the room.
Another wide shot.
I can't tell you how many times Kelly and
Jeremy checked out The Year at Maple Hill Farm
from the library when they were kids.
The book with Caleb on the cover
was made by his mom on his first birthday.
Dogger is a precious book that my sister-in-law
Terry sent me. It is about, not sibling rivalry, but
sibling love.
I found the red table and chairs for $40.00
at an antique mall. They aren't antiques, but
they are cute.
The typewriter is from a yard sale.
We gave Kelly a typewriter for Christmas
when she was in about 3rd grade and have
never lived it down because she thought
it was the WORST gift ever.
Kind of like a husband giving his
wife a vacuum cleaner for Christmas.
On the other hand, Caleb, Aaron and David LOVE it!
The train table was found at a yard sale last summer for $40.00.
It had all the toy pieces with it and was in perfect
condition. Thank you, Jeremy, for finding it!
I really wanted a library-ish rug for the room.
I priced them. $400 plus was a little
out of my price range. I found this one at
Target for around $30.00.
You might remember this card catalogue
find from a previous post.
This little file folder also holds
books. It was a Marshall's find.
David painted the closet doors with
3-4 coats of magnetic paint and then
2-3 coats of green chalkboard paint.
As you can tell, artwork is already
proudly being displayed.
I have had this author's chair for ages.
When I go to reading conventions
where authors are going to be in
attendance, I take the covers off and
take a paint pen and get autographs.
It is the perfect reading spot and also
the perfect resting spot.
I just sit and let the grandchildren
play all around me.
A perfect chair for the little guys
to sit and read.
David said the other day that he had a feeling
that this room might never be finished.
There is one more project in the works.
I am going to make a book cover headboard.
Thanks Jenny for helping me collect book
covers. Stay tuned for the reveal.

Thanks for taking a tour of the grandchildren room with me.
We started it before I was diagnosed with cancer,
and it has fallen to my sweet husband to
do most of the hard labor. I mostly did the
sitting down stuff, like painting the
book racks. It has been great therapy for me, and
as you can imagine, the grandchildren LOVE it.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just Because It Makes Me Smile

When my family was in town, this is where
all the shoes landed.
This picture just makes me SMILE!