Monday, April 29, 2013

Fun Things to Do at Nana and Ducca's

There are many fun things to do
at Nana and Ducca's house.
Draw Rainbows with Sidewalk Chalk
Ride on the newest in scooters.
Actually, it happens to be
Nana's Scooter so she can
get around with a broken foot.
Or just snuggle in Ducca's arms.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Date Night

Recently I had a date with one
of my favorite guys--my oldest
grandson, Caleb.

Before I broke my foot, I had bought tickets
for us to go and see
performed by a local Children's Theater Group.

Even though I am somewhat restricted and cannot
drive, we decided to have a date night
anyway.  Ducca served as our chauffeur.

The conversation before we left was priceless,
and is recorded below for posterity.

NANA:  Caleb, do you think it would be OK if I wore bluejeans and a nice shirt?
(It's a little difficult to get my huge air-boot on and off and I was trying to save time.)

CALEB:  Nana, if I am dressing up, you really should too. 
(He had taken special khaki pants to school and changed
before he came to our house so that he could look handsome for our date.)
Not one to argue with good logic, I went and changed into nice pants and a pretty sweater.

NANA:  How does this look Caleb?

CALEB:  No, no!  I'll pick out another shirt.  (He then picked out one of my sparkly sweater jackets to wear over the sweater that I already had on.) By this time, I am trying hard not to laugh.

CALEB:  And, Nana, you need to put on some make-up.

NANA:  I already have make-up on. (Is it too sad that he couldn't tell?)

CALEB: OK, let's find some jewelry.  (He picked out a ring, sparkly earrings, and a pretty necklace).  Satisfied with his efforts, Caleb went to find the chauffeur and I heard from the other room.  "Nana, be sure to put on some

We had a delightful time and enjoyed
seeing Annie from our church perform. 

Caleb was such a gentleman

and took charge of putting
my "scooter" in a safe
place during the performance
and then getting it for me
when the performance was over.

I'm one lucky Nana
(and I looked pretty good too,
thanks to a fashion conscious
little boy).

Monday, April 15, 2013

Love Present from a Friend

One of my favorite things in the
whole wide world is to
receive a Love Present.
The definition of a Love Present is
a gift that someone gives you for
no special occasion, but
just because.
My sweet friend, Claudia,
came by the other day with
the cutest dishes.
She had found them at an
antiques store and she
said they just looked like me.
Don't they make a beautiful display
in my kitchen bookshelves?

Thank you, Claudia, for the
dishes, but most of all
for the thought behind
the Love Present.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Sweetie and Jenny!!!

It's kind of interesting!
There are many people in our
extended family who share birthdays.
My mom, better known as Sweetie,
and Jenny, my niece, share April 13th.
Happy Birthday to two
people who are VERY special
to me.
Here are some random pictures
from the archives.
Jenny on the left with
her sister Stacie.
My mom and I at my wedding. 
Jenny is a school librarian
and one of her favorite things
to do is get pictures of authors.
Here are just a few.  

Sweetie with her escort Andrew
at Jenny and Fili's wedding
Jenny and Fili

Jenny is a fantastic aunt.
Here she is with a very young Andrew
on a family cruise.  
Wedding dance.

Family Cruise
Sweetie has taught cradle roll
for more years than I can count.
She has taught her grandchildren
and now some of her great-grandchildren.
Here she is with a little towheaded Caleb.
In a field of Texas Bluebonnets

Aunts can always get a smile
out of babies.
Colorado trip
Jenny and Fili white water rafting
on 2011 Family Reunion


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Silly Friends

Our next door neighbor
and our grandson Caleb
are such good friends.
He always wants to invite
Anna Kate to play when
he comes to visit.
And of course,  half the fun
is acting SILLY!!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Dear Kimmie

Happy Birthday to my baby sister.
I was eight years old when she was born
(if you know my age and would like to do the math). 
Enjoy some random pictures of a beautiful lady.
Dancing at Kelly's wedding with our brother Lynn. 
With our daddy on a family cruise.
Decorating cookies.
Edith Ann :)
She is short, but this guy is VERY tall.  
Garden of the Gods
Colorado Springs Balloon Classic
On the top of Pikes Peak.
Garden of the Gods
Red Rocks Park with Randy

Happy Birthday Kim, Aunt Kim, Kimmie!
We love you!  

Monday, April 8, 2013

Just Before the Fall

When I was uploading pictures of
Baby Cora, I found this picture.
I couldn't help but smile because this
picture was taken just before Nana's
infamous fall that resulted in
a broken foot.

I'm glad I broke my foot
doing something I love
with little people that I love.  

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Welcome to Our World Baby Cora

Our long wait has ended and Baby Cora Elise
has finally arrived.  Her big brother is so excited.
She has stolen all of our hearts already.
Her dark hair surprised us all.
Now we have a blond grandson,
a brown haired grandson, a red-headed
grandson and a brunette granddaughter.

It would take more than all of our fingers
and all of our toes to count our many blessings.  
some photos by the Rolletts

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hoppy Easter--2013

We had a wonderful Easter!
One of the reasons I love my Fiesta
dishes so much is that you can mix and match
colors for whatever table decor you choose.
(Of course, every once in a while, if I don't
have the right number of dishes for the
desired look, I have to
buy more-oh, shucks.)
These precious "Bunnykins"
dishes were gifts to my two
children when they were born
from their Great Aunt Wilma.
I had been wanting to implement
this Pinterest idea for a while.
The little guys loved their
special meal and it was "mostly"
Each egg carton was labeled
since each little guy has their own
favorites and "I don't like that Nana's".
We had to purchase spring
flowers since spring has not yet
sprung in Colorado Springs.
My tulips are peeking out of the ground.
Another cute Pinterest idea.  
It was a beautiful day
and the egg hunt
was big fun.   
The funny thing was that
both David and Aaron had
to stop and examine each egg
before putting it into their baskets.
Aren't the shadows fun?
We were delighted that Kelly was able
to be with us, but we were kind of
hoping for an Easter baby.
Little Girl had other ideas.  
Another use for the antique bathtub until
it's time to plant it it again.
All of the boys are accomplished
climbers which comes in handy in Colorado.
Can you find the difference in this
picture and the next one?
What a wonderful afternoon/evening of
fellowship and fun celebrating
the greatest gift of all,
a Risen Savior.