Sunday, December 21, 2014

2014 Christmas ABC Letter

2014 was a Wonderful Year
in the Gibson home.
Welcome to 
just a few of my favorite things
from the year.

A is for Adrian.
I realized as I was searching for
photos for this post that I didn't have a single
one of my great son-in-law.
He is truly a treasure and
my resolution for 2015 is
to get some shots of him.
Get ready Adrian!

A is also for Artist.
We had a lot of artwork going on
at our house this year.

B is for Buffalo or if you
are a Harding University graduate Bison.
These were a little scary as they
crowded around our car.

C is for Cora.
As many of you know, Cora
had a rough several months.
She wore a Spica Cast, but her
smiles never stopped.
She was an inspiration to us all.

Another shot of this little
smiling angel with her
cast covered by a Raggedy Ann dress
that her great-great-grandmother
Bergeron made for her mom
many years ago.

D is for Daisies.
Jeremy planted a daisy field for
me this spring.

I cannot tell you how much joy these
pretty flowers gave me.

E is for Easter.
Our sweet next door neighbors came 
over to help the kids with the hunting.

F is for family and how they
are always there to help in a time
of need.  Great Aunt Gail
made these precious bloomers
for Cora when she (and mostly her mom)
 needed something oh-so-pretty
to cover up her cast.

G is for great times.
This was at our St. Patrick's Day
Party which has become a yearly event.
Notice the two guests--Sophie and Anna Kate.
 H is for the
painting Craze.
For some reason, the picture did
not upload, but David can
testify that I have done a
lot of chalk painting this year.
He is just a little afraid to sit
still for too long in case he
risks getting chalk painted.

I is for matching
In-and-Out Burger shirts.

J is for Just Being Crazy.

K is for Kids.
I have 4 and I love them dearly.
See Adrian note at
beginning of post.
Next year you'll have a photo Adrian.

L is for lovely ladies--my daughters.

M is for Mother-Daughter Tea.

N is for Nebraska.
A new state for me to visit.

O is for Outstanding Houston trip
with Caleb where he got to hang
out with the VanLoenen cousins.

P is for Play-doh.
Even Cora managed to play 
without eating it.

Q is for Quality time
with family.

R is for Mt. Rushmore.
It was breathtakingly beautiful.

S is for South Dakota--
another new state for me.

T is for Twins.
You will have to indulge me
with several pictures of the twins
that our family were blessed with
in May.  Congratulations Jenny & Fili.

Photo by Uncle Jon Aven

Proud MawMaw

Super Proud Daddy
A picture of Jenny,
the mom who did all
the hard work of bringing
us these treasures unfortunately
did not upload.  Sorry Jenny.

I love being a Great Aunt.

U is for unexpected visit
with my cousin and her family 
from New Orleans.

V is for Very Pretty Ladies.

W is for Wyoming--yet another
new state.  Jeremy, Caleb, Aaron and I
took a road trip.

X is for Extra Special Buddies.

Y is for New York City.
We spent a wonderful week in
NYC with my siblings.
Check on previous blog posts
if you want to know more
of the adventure.

Z is for Zest for Life.
I love seeing the world through
the eyes of my grandchildren.

Our prayer for you is that
you have a renewed ZEST for life
in 2015.

May the Lord Bless You and Keep You!

David and Karen