Friday, February 26, 2010

FUN Photo Friday

One of Caleb's favorite things to do when he comes to our
house is to look at the photos on my computer.
It's lots of fun for me as well.
So I have decided to start FUN Photo Friday.
I will just scroll through my photos and pick the
first few that strike my fancy.
You might get captions;
I might just leave the meaning to your imagination!
I hope you enjoy!

This was one of the stocking stuffers that
Santa Kelly left in Mandy's stocking.

This is a really neat "attraction" at Houston's Discovery Green.
There are two of these "bowls" sitting quite far apart
(I am not good at estimating distance)
If you are sitting inside one of the "bowls" and
a friend is sitting in the other "bowl", you can hear
what they are saying even if they are speaking in a whisper.

Jeremy and Mandy dressed up in their Roaring 20's garb
for their friend Ryan's 30th Birthday Party.

My friend Denise and I got to go to London together!

Confession Time
I am not really good at Long Range Projects like this,
so we might have more FUN Photo Friday's.
This might be the one and only.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Super Caleb and Super Ducca

I know this picture is a little late since there are obviously Christmas decorations in the background, and they have been put away long ago.
But I thought it was important that you see Caleb's favorite
form of transportation.
It all started when he got a Superman cape for Christmas.
But now, he takes advantage of any opportunity for Ducca to "fly him around".

This is often the only way we can convince Caleb it is time to
leave Nana and Ducca's house.
He'll agree to leave as long as Ducca will fly him to the car.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Let It Snow!

It has been snowing in the Springs for about 3 days. A light feathery snow.
Psalms 147:16
He sends the snow like white wool;
he scatters frost upon the ground like ashes.
What a beautiful world God made for us to enjoy!
Have a beautiful week, whether you have snow,
rain, or sunshine.
God made it all for our enjoyment!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday, Poppy!

This is my daddy with his sister, Aunt Wilma!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Robert Munsch Books Make Me Laugh

I haven't found any children so far who don't LOVE books by Robert Munsch.
Here are some of my favorites!

Book Covers Courtesy of
Copyright © 2010 Follett Library Resources, Inc.

Purple Green and Yellow has the word "cow plops" in it.
When my mom, Sweetie, read this book to her grandchildren,
she changed the word "cow plops" to "watermelons" to make
it more genteel. When we were writing down things that we appreciated
about my mom and dad recently for their 60th anniversary
scrapbook, my nephew Josh, who can always make everyone laugh, had this to say.
"You can substitute "watermelons" for "cow plops"
but you really need to clue Poppy in on the changes."
I would have loved to see the look in 3 year old Josh's eyes, when
Poppy read the new and improved version of
Purple Green and Yellow.

Murmel, Murmel, Murmel is a fun book for a child expecting a new sibling.

One sign of a good book is that the parent reading the book will
enjoy it as much as the child. This is so true of Thomas' Snowsuit.

Robert Munsch must have had kids of his own!

When Jeremy first brought Mandy home to meet the family, she saw
Paper Bag Princess on my bookshelf. She promptly picked up
the book and proceeded to read it aloud to the entire family.
I knew, then and there, that she was going to be the
best daughter-in-law in the world. (And she is!)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nana is Nesting

I used to sew when my children were little, but I haven't done much sewing in years.
Lately I have been sewing burp clothes for the new little ones that
our family is expecting to arrive in mid-April.
But in the midst of the sewing frenzy,
I am also working on a PowerPoint presentation.
I told my sweet husband tonight that I feel like my two worlds are meeting.
I guess that's what a happy retirement feels like.
Oh, and those of you who are very observant might have noticed
a few of Caleb's toys in the background.
All my worlds are blending together.

Take a look at some of the beautiful fabrics
that will adorn my new grandbabies' burp clothes.

Nesting is so much fun--even for Nanas.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day Lady Em

I wish a very Happy Valentine's Day to...
my precious niece Emily
who we affectionately call Lady Em!
LADY Em is in Germany this Valentine's Day.

Sorry I didn't get a real Valentine's Day card in
the mail in time to reach you on February 14th.
Hope a Blog Post will suffice.
Love you!
Keep having the time of your life.
Aunt Karen & Uncle David

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Earlier this week on Facebook, I mentioned
that my mom had made me a great foot-warming
My friend Amy promptly dubbed it a "Foogie".
Several people thought it would be a best seller for cold weather,
and others wanted to see pictures.
Below is the ORIGINAL!
My mom, who we call Sweetie,
has been making these for us for years.
They are filled with rice and can be heated up in the microwave.
They are great to use to keep warm or for aches and pains.
I kept this one nearby at all times when I had the flu earlier this season.
Sweetie then came up with the brainstorm of making one with a "pocket"
where you can place your feet to keep them warm.
The first picture below shows one foot in and one foot out.
(Does that remind you of the hokey-pokey song?)
This photo shows both feet warmly cuddled into my Foogie.

Thanks, Sweetie, I love it!

Favorite 2010 Valentine's Day Book

This is my favorite Valentine's Day book for 2010. Each animal featured in the book is created using hearts. The book is filled with similes which makes it a teaching tool. And it is just plain cute. The little one in your life just might need this book. I know the little one in my life will get it. (Hope he isn't reading my blog or it won't be a surprise.)

Book Cover Courtesy of Follett Library Services

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I LOVE Eric Carle's Books


If you want a beautifully illustrated book for a preschool or early school aged child, you cannot go wrong with any book by Eric Carle. My favorite professor and mentor, Dr. Richard Abrahamson, gave me a gift when I received my doctorate.
It was the rainbow print from Draw Me a Star. It is one of my most prized possessions.
Eric Carle uses tissue paper collage in most of his art. It is so beautiful and something you can do with your own child or grandchild.

Eric Carle's ABC Board Book was one of Caleb's favorites.

Caleb also enjoyed the board book Opposites.

The Secret Birthday Message is one of my favorites.

If I had to pick a favorite Eric Carle book, it would be The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

The Art of Eric Carle isn't a book meant for children, but if you are interested in learning more about this fantastic artist and his works, you will enjoy this book.
My daughter just informed me that Eric Carle has a blog. Check it out by clicking HERE.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Will You Be My Valentine?

Don't you just love February?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Feed the Birds

Aunt Kelly saw this cute Valentine idea on a blog and thought Caleb and Nana might enjoy it.
If you want to see the REAL project, go to the link above.
If you want to see the Nana/Caleb version, read on.
The idea is to make a heart shaped bird seed feeder.
You start out with bread.
(Yes, that's two slices of bread, slightly out of focus because of one excited little boy.)
Place the bread very carefully on a cookie sheet and toast it.
If you are like Nana and burn the first two slices of bread, just start again.
Since we didn't have a heart shaped cookie cutter handy,
we used the mouth of a glass to cut circles out of the toast.
Aren't our circles pretty?
Now you need peanut butter.
Our choice is Peter Pan Creamy because it tastes good
when you need to lick your fingers after spreading.
Spread the peanut butter somewhat evenly on the slices of toast.
For this next part, you will need a package of bird seed.
One so large that you cannot lift it is the best kind.
Spread the bird seed, again somewhat evenly, over the peanut butter.
If a little falls on the floor, don't worry about it. Nana will sweep it up later.
While the bird seed toast is baking for about 45 minutes at 200 degrees,
take a break and eat a popcicle.
It doesn't matter that it is cold outside.
If you turn the heat up high enough, it will feel like summer.
Cool the bird seed toast, poke a hole in the top and put a string in it to hang.
We used florist wire.
In case you are wondering why Caleb is wearing a tag with his is not because Nana cannot remember what grandchild she is helping. That will come after April when I have 3 grandchildren, instead of 1. It is because we were labeling everything in sight today as part of a pre-reading strategy. You can take teaching away from the girl, but you cannot take the girl away from teaching.
Hang the finished project where the birds can get to it.
We hung ours on an antique porch chair just like the one that Nana used to see at her Grandparents house when she was a little girl.