Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Colorado Springs Fires

Thank you to so many of you who have
checked with us to be sure that
we are safe during these unprecedented fires
in Colorado Springs.

I thought this would be a good avenue
to give you a report.

I know that many of you have seen the
horrific pictures coming out
of the Colorado Springs news media.

These pictures taken from my back deck
show nothing of the scenes that
hold so much heartbreak for so many.
They do, however, show a little of how terrible
this fire is for so many.

Our family, David and me, Jeremy and his family,
and Kelly and her family are all several
miles away from the actual fires.
We are all safe and don't
anticipate being evacuated.

We do have wonderful friends who
are not so fortunate.  Several of  all three of
our families' friends are being
directly affected by the fires.
Luckily there have
been no injuries reported at the present time.
Some of our friends are evacuated
 from the neighborhoods that
were hardest hit last night and are waiting
to see if their homes were the ones that
burned.  Others work for the police
department and are assisting in this disaster.
Our church, Eastside Church of Christ,
 has been set up as a shelter and
is accepting evacuees.  
This picture shows the sun valiantly trying to
peek through the terrible smoke.

The Son of God is already
present in this city and will
help see us through this tragedy.

Here are some specific things that I ask
you to pray for:

Safety for all the Firefighters
who are trying to contain this blaze.
They are doing an amazing job under
very difficult circumstances.

That as few homes as
possible will be burned and
that people can return to their
homes soon.

Wisdom for city, county, and
national leaders as they
work together to bring this
under control.

That we will have a break in
the record breaking heat and that
refreshing rain will come to our beautiful state.

That the many Christians in this
city will use this time to reach
out to people who are hurting.
In short, help us to be Jesus
with skin on here in Colorado Springs.

Thank you again for your
thoughts and prayers.  They
mean a lot to all of us.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Swing High, Swing Low

Jeremy made me swings for under
the deck and his boys are already
enjoying them.

This is Aaron's smile face.

Caleb's smile face.

Wee!  This is fun!

Learning to hold on tight.
Don't you just love his shoes?
This boy loves Sesame Street characters
as much as his brother loves super heroes.

Since Sweetie is here visiting, she got to enjoy the swings too.  

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Old Glory Antique Fair

For many years I got to
enjoy the wonderful
Canton, Texas
billed as the largest Flea
Market in the world.

I read about the Old Glory Antique
Fair in a magazine and thought
it would be fun to check it out.

I am so glad I did!

Of course I took along my
two favorite antique/junk shoppers.

For those of you who enjoy
Antique eye candy, read on.
For the rest of you, you might want to
scroll through quickly.

Life is Beauty pillow.
At first, I thought it said,
Life is Beautiful.
I think I like this better.

Don't you just love rusty old tricycles?
The plastic ones of today are just not the same.

Love the No Trespassing Sign on the chair.
Believe me, by the end of the day, we needed to
trespass on any chair available.

One of the reasons I love living in Colorado is
that this state is so very aware of our servicemen and
their families.
Love this sign.

I actually took a picture of this swing
to show Jeremy.  I think the little boys would love having some
of these under the deck.  Surely they would
be easier than making a Harding Swing.

These were all over the fair.  I finally found
out that they were from old Hardware stores
and they were nail bins.  

This scene reminded me of
our good friend Grady Burke
who is a fallen firefighter.

Neat display.

This is not a horse trough.
It is a baby bathtub.
I would love to bathe a baby in one of these.

I spotted Ki Nassauer, Editor-in-Chief of Flea Market Style.
The link above shows her
blog about Old Glory.
She's the one in the red blouse.
I guess I looked like a stalker snapping
her picture.  

Check out this burlap and muslin
table runner.  I could make this.
(Couldn't I Kami?)

I'll show you my big purchase later
in the post, but these little school
chairs went with the set.  The
girls offered to go and bring the
car to pick me up, so I relaxed in the chairs.
Several people drove by and smiled.
One lady rolled down her window
and said, Do you want to sell those chairs?

Another view of the chairs.

Pots of geraniums were everywhere.

The next few pictures give you an idea of the goodies
that were for sale.

In the afternoon, a huge rain storm came up.
Do you think that stopped us?
No Way!
We just waited it out in the car.

More goodies!

There were actually no men working in sight.
There were lots of women shopping.
Oh, I take that back, there were
several men helping to lug purchases
back to cars.

Ta! Dum!
Here is my purchase of the day.
I LOVE anything school related.
That's probably not a surprise to anyone
who knows me well.
This school table and 5 chairs (one not seen)
was just waiting for me.
I was shopping ahead of the girls
when I saw it, and I went back and brought them
over to check it out.  My request of them was this.
"Either talk me out of this purchase or
talk me into this purchase."
I guess you can see the outcome.

It's going to live in the basement den, right
next to the Grandchildren's Room
where it is handy for coloring,
puzzle working, and anything else
that comes to mind.

It has cubby holes in the table and as you can
see, it is already being used.
Oops! I also notice in this picture
that it needs dusting.
Do you think I can get the little guys
to do that for me?

If you are friends from Colorado and would like
to attend next year's Old Glory Antique Fair in
Littleton Colorado, just about an
hour from Colorado Springs,
mark your calendar for June 14-15, 2013.
If you are a friend from Texas, come on up.
It's not as big as Canton, but the shopping is

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Retirement Katy

My Sweet Friend Katy
retired last month.
She is a very special lady
and we share both being 
elder's wives and belonging
to the same Life Group
at our church.

It's time to celebrate.

Welcome to Retirement Katy!

If you look closely, you can see that we had newspapers on the
table to honor her time at the Gazette.
The napkins also had "G" on them.
That was a serendipity since
I had originally bought
the napkins for "Gibson", not "Gazette".

Newspaper streamers hanging from the

No more working 9 to 5.

No more setting an alarm.  I just noticed
that the alarm says 2:10.  I don't think
Katy woke up quite that early.

Our sweet friend Claudia made the cake.  I can't
figure out how to rotate the picture, so
ready...set...turn your head to the left and you
will see the beautiful creation.

Another friend, Jeanette, made a precious cookie
bouquet.  Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture
of it before it was nibbled to pieces.

Everyone who attended the party,
our Life Group and the Eastside Church of
Christ elder's and staff wives, enjoyed celebrating with
Katy.  One of the things that we did was to share with each other
all of the jobs we had held since we were teenagers.   It
was so interesting to hear all of the occupations in the room
that night.  One thing that really struck me was how almost
every job involved service to others.

That's just the kind of special ladies I
am fortunate enough to be friends with.

Hopefully Katy will have lots of time
for visiting with friends now that
she is a lady of leisure.


For those of you who know my daughter,
you can probably see her fingerprints
all over the decorations for
this celebration.
Thanks Kelly for sharing
your creativity.  

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bumblebee Magic

In our backyard, we have some tall
purple flowers growing.
I'm not sure what they are
and if any of you know,
please feel free to comment
inform me.

The bees are attracted to the flowers,
and the little boys and I are attracted
to watching the bees.

The other night we sat and watched for
the longest time and the next time
they came over, they wanted to
bee watch again.

There is one HUGE bee.
It was so much fun to
see the way God provides
for all his creatures.

On another note, it might not
be a Bumblebee, but a Honeybee.
Who knows???

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Role Models

For 11 years, I was a fourth grade
teacher at Moore Elementary
in the Pasadena Independent School District.

I was fortunate enough to teach
with some wonderful women who
were my friends as well as my

We taught in an open-concept
classroom which meant that
we were in very close quarters and
had the privilege of seeing and hearing
each other teach.

We try to get together as often as
possible to visit and keep up with
each other's lives.  On this 
trip, they thought I was taking their pictures
for my phone contact list.  Little did they
know they would be featured
in my blog.
Two special ladies were not able
to be with us (and they are probably
thankful that their picture is not
all over the internet.)

Darlene is
one of the most gifted teachers I know.
She knows how to make reading come alive for
her students.  I'll never forget hearing
her read The BFG by Dahl.
Her students were laughing so hard
that I vowed to read the novel to my students
as well.

Pat and I team taught for several years.
She taught math, for which my students
should be forever grateful and I taught
Language Arts.  We had so much fun
teaching together.  We had similar philosophies
about children and we laughed and had
fun.  We probably shouldn't have
gotten paid, we had so much fun.

Cindy taught Kindergarten
before she joined us in 4th Grade
and then she moved to the Library.
I love hearing people talk about Cindy, the
Librarian.  She is a lover of books and
of kids and still does AMAZING things
in Moore's library.

Carolyn taught me that you don't have to have
students sit in straight rows to be an effective
teacher.  I loved watching Carolyn's classes.  They
sat on the floor, under their desks, wore costumes,
and they LEARNED!  We got to share a
second career as staff developers together when
we both moved to central office.

(not pictured)
My classroom was right next to 
Joyce's when I first went back
to teaching after staying home with my
children for 12 years.  She is one of the 
most organized people I know and I would
listen to how she did things and then
copy her.  Thank you Joyce for helping
a newbie become a teacher like you.

(not pictured)
Mary LOVED her students.
When we taught together, Mary
was single and her students
were her family.  They adored her!
She was a cross-country bike rider and
I can remember vividly Mary bringing
her bike to school to show the students
bike safety.  Fun times!  

Thank you friends for loving
children and loving me.  You
are an integral part of my life.