Friday, September 4, 2009

One Library, Two Libraries, Three Libraries, More....

I realize that the way that David and I spent our day might not be everyone's cup of tea. We went to nine different libraries in the Pikes Peak Library District.
The first one was in the little town of Palmer. The library was tiny but the atmosphere was wonderful. The librarian was most gracious as she gave us a tour of the surrounding historic area. The doors were wide open to allow the cool breezes to flow through the stacks of books.

The Old Colorado City Branch was the oldest one we visited. It was in a historic Carnegie Library building. Again, the doors were wide open welcoming in the neighborhood.

This statue is in front of the Penrose Branch. This is the downtown library and is huge. It was here that the children's librarian asked me if I was a visiting librarian. David had a good laugh out of that one. He said they can spot a children's literature lover every time.

At the East Branch Library, they had a wonderful Young Adult Center (East Teen Center). The librarian told me that they had a group of teenagers design their own library. What a great idea! Because David and I are both book lovers, this was a perfect day....and yes, we did check out a few books.


Mindy S. said...

Sounds like a really fun day to me!And it is my understanding that Colorado has really great libraries. If I come visit someday will you take me on a tour?

Karen said...


Miss G said...

Mom, you are such a good blogger taking all these photos. That is funny that they asked if you were a librarian! School police, librarian . . . love you! Kel

Debi said...

That must have been a great treasure hunt for you.