Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Road Trip #1

I just returned home from
a super fun ROAD TRIP
with Jeremy, Caleb and Aaron.

We visited 3 states in in 50 hours
and I had never been to any of the
states before.
NEBRASKA Impressions
Flat, Beautiful, Amazing Sunset
SOUTH DAKOTA Impressions
Rugged, Beautiful,
Mt. Rushmore is a site
every American should see.
WYOMING Impressions
 Wide Open Country, Beautiful, Windy!

I will share more of our adventures
as soon as I have recovered!

What an amazing
way to end 2013!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Ornament Nostalgia

I always get a little nostalgic
when I put the Christmas ornaments
away for another year.
The ornaments below are
ones that teachers made
with my children through
the years.
I so wish I had put years and
teacher's names on the back of the
ornaments, but I didn't think
of that at the time.

I probably had no idea that
these simple hand-made ornaments
would be some of my favorites 30+ years
later.  If you follow this blog and
helped my children make one
of these ornaments, PLEASE
comment and let me know.  

She still likes to sit with her feet
up in the chair.
Jeremy--what a handsome young man.
Thank you to whomever put
the date on the front.  This would have
been the year that her little brother
was born so she would have been in
Mother's Day Out.
I'm guessing 4th Grade with Mrs. Hollis for this one
but I'm not sure.
How do you like that "bowl cut"

I know this was 4th grade because
that's when Texas History is taught.
I wonder if anyone will ever figure out how
to keep construction paper from fading.
Or is that some of its charm?
Kelly made this little bell from
tinsel and it is one of her
At one point, wooden ornaments
were the rage.  I remember my daddy
cutting out and my mother painting
lots of wooden ornaments.

Thanks for walking down
memory lane with me.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Snippets of Christmas 2013

We had a merry Christmas at the 
Gibson House.
This post will be
random pictures
to ensure that we 
remember this year.
These grandchildren are
growing up so fast that we
don't want to forget 
each and every stage.  
Aunt Mandy couldn't figure
out why everyone wanted to take
pictures of her.
David and Aaron enjoying their stockings.
Hulk water found in stocking is soooo good! 
Is that movie star David?
Beautiful Cora enjoyed her first Christmas.
The baby from her stocking
is just like the ones that her
Sweetie uses in her Cradle Roll Class.

Pearls are appropriate Christmas attire.
Please note Kelly's hand
in this picture because this is
the only picture of her.
Let's all open our gifts together.
Caleb's National Geographic books.
We have a reader!!!

Still practicing her unwrapping skills.
Even the big kids enjoyed their presents. 
David would have been happy with
just his Chuggington trains.  
 The adults all bought
each other's gifts at thrift stores
or garage sales.
It was FUN!
Here Adrian gets a print
of Pittsburgh.  
Another baby!
Wish I could have
caught her expression when
she first saw it.
(Kelly's leg and boot--
we do love her, just
didn't get any photos).
I think she might just
be getting into this.
Sulley makes this boy smile!
 At one point (not posing for a picture)
Ducca and I were surrounded
by grandchildren.
 Life is good…..
 …..very, very good!

And the aftermath!

What a Merry Christmas!  

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Pre-Christmas Party 2013

On December 23rd,
we had a PRE-Christmas Party
The little guys are finally old enough
to play some of the games that I used
when I was teaching school.
Putting "clings" up on fireplace
screens and windows
was a favorite activity.
Busy, busy little boys.
"I'm decorating Nana"
We read the story of Jesus
birth, and they arranged a nativity
scene on the coffee table.
Please note Aaron's shirt on
the red chair.  He spent
most of the day in his t-shirt.
Freezing temperatures
don't deter him from being
Their idea of a Christmas photo.  
Decorating Christmas cupcakes
was a highlight of the party.
They did a good job, but sprinkles
were EVERYWHERE including
in their mouths.
Again, notice Aaron's fashion statement.
The off-the-shoulder
look is alive and well.
Their finished projects.
Cannot get them to
all smile at the same time.
We watched a Christmas video.
They were entranced with Frosty the Snowman.
Kelly and I found these precious Fisher Price
reindeer at a thrift story and they
became a Find the Reindeer Game.

Our final game of the day
we do not have pictures for because
everyone was too busy running
around hiding.

 is the all time favorite
game to play at
Nana and Ducca's house
no matter what the holiday.

It always produces gales of

the very best part of Christmas!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas with Santa 2013

Our church has a
Breakfast with Santa each year.
This year all three of our
grandsons went with us.
Only Little Miss Cora
was left behind.
We hope next year she will
be big enough to join us.
Aaron with Santa
He told Santa he wanted a new
blanket because one of his
is lost.
Caleb asked Santa for a Lego Set.
Doesn't he look so big?
David decided that he really
didn't want to sit on Santa's lap at all.
No amount of encouraging
could make him
change his mind.
He was, however, quite
taken with Mrs. Claus.
She even gave him a "real" snowflake
straight from the North Pole.
Caleb and Aaron were
a little concerned that
he had not told Santa what
he wanted for Christmas,
but we assured them that
Santa would find out another way.
Family portraits were the order
of the day.
Love, love, all 4 of these
handsome guys!
even when they are acting just
a little crazy!

Thanks to Lela Elliott and Teri Armes
for the photos.