Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Book Project

Several years ago, our son, Jeremy, decided he wanted to challenge
himself to read 100 books in a year.
I thought it was such a good idea that in 2009,
I did the same.
Unfortunately, I only read 67 books that year.
But this year, I reached my 100 book goal in October.
I have officially read 110 books during 2010.
Somehow 110 in 2010 seems appropriate.
Here is a very unscientific look at my favorites of the year.





Book Covers courtesy of Good Reads &

I hope you will join me in challenging yourself to read
books during 2011. (My goal is 111) The number doesn't matter.
But reading does. And while you are at it,
read books to the children in your life.
It is important for them and joyful for you!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 ABC's V through Z

This post is a continuation of the Gibson 2010 ABC's.
V is for Visitors.
We were so blessed to have many visitors during 2010.
We are excited to have more visits this year.
We are hosting a family reunion in July.
W is for Wonderful Views.
The Garden of the Gods is less than
20 minutes from our home and one
of my favorite spots in this beautiful area.
Book cover courtesy of

X is for an extra measure of peace.
I read this book earlier this year.
It blessed me immensely.
I know I will spend time during 2011
grieving for my daddy, but I have peace knowing
that the ordinary joys in life will
Y is for Yearn for Heaven.
How blessed we are that 2000 years ago,
God sent his precious son so that we can
have hope of life forever in His presence.
Z is for Happy New Year!
OK, I know that doesn't make any sense
at all, but guys, Z's are difficult
to come by. So, just use
your imagination.

David and I hope that your 2011 is filled with God, family and friends!

We have many talented photographers in our family.
Most of the photos in this post are courtesy of them.
You know who you are!
Thank You!

You Can Take a Girl Out of the South.......

.......but you can't take the South out of the girl.
It's snowing outside and I'm drinking iced tea.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 ABC's--Q through U

This is a continuation of the Gibson 2010 ABC's.
Q is for Quest.
I am always on a quest for antiques.
These school desks were a great find.
This mixer was only $3.00.
R is for Royal Gorge.
One of the favorite spots we have visited in Colorado.
Notice the Texas flag for our Texas guests.
S is for So Happy to Be Homeowners Again!
Our leased Patio Home was nice, but
was just not the same as having a home of our own.
We love our new home.
T is for Trees.
We had a gorgeous, showy autumn.
An autumn view from our driveway.
U is for United States of America.
How blessed we are to live in this nation.
How blessed our family is that Todd, Mandy's brother,
is home safely after serving his country for a year.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 ABC's--P is for Poppy

My precious daddy, better known to friends and
family as Poppy, went home to heaven
on December 10, 2010.
For all my 58 years, he has been there for me
in both big and small ways.
I miss him terribly, but am so comforted to
know that he is in Heaven and that his large
family will join him there one day.
I cannot tell you how many people have said they will
always remember his infectious smile and his sparkling eyes.
On the weekend of his Memorial Service, his 5 great grandsons
ran and played (and took a little time out for a photo op)
in his backyard. He would have loved watching
them and would have clapped his hands at each
of them and said, "HEY!"
Just a few weeks prior to his death, the "girls" gathered
to make Christmas cookies. He wanted to be with
us, and of course to sample all the sweets.
Eat the dessert first was his motto.
He loved children--his own, his grandchildren, his great-grandchildren,
and anyone else's children.
In his favorite chair, enjoying the family being together.
Visiting Jeremy's library on his visit to Colorado.
Enjoying the beauty of Colorado with Sweetie and his baby, Kim.
from his and Sweetie's 60 years of marriage.
I love this picture. Classic Poppy! Hugs
for the grandchildren!
As was said at his Memorial Service, you can't say Poppy without saying Sweetie.
Married for 62 years--a wonderful example to all who knew and loved them.

Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 ABC's--K through O

This post is a continuation of the 2010 Gibson ABC's.
K is for Kisses!
L is for Life's Simple Pleasures.

M is for Meeting for the First Time!
This is absolutely my favorite photo of 2010.
Captured for all time, are the expressions on my
two children's faces as they meet their
sibling's children for the very first time.
N is for nephews.
I think I get to see Andrew and Nathan more
since I have moved to Colorado than ever before.
We are excited about them visiting us in
Colorado this coming summer.
(If you look carefully, you can see another crazy
nephew in the background.)
O is for Outdoors in Colorado.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 ABC's--F through J

This post is a continuation of the 2010 Gibson ABC's.
F is for Family.
When you experience a year with the greatest joys
and the greatest sorrow,
you realize that family is the most important thing
we have until we all get to heaven.

G is for Gibsons in California.
We have a wonderful visit with David's California
family in October.

H is for Houston Visits.
The two pictures above are from my
visits to Houston.
Many people have asked when I am going to stop
commuting to Houston so often.
My answer is NEVER. It's so great
to be with family and friends as often as I can.
I is for Icy Roads. (although I am always so
busy navigating that I don't stop to take a picture.)
This is probably one of the only things that I don't
like about Colorado.

J is for Jodeen--better known to all who know and
love her as Sweetie! Never could a name be more

Saturday, December 25, 2010

2010 ABC's--A though E

I am not going to be able to get our annual Christmas letter out this year,
so here it is in digital format.
For the next several posts, you will
get to see the Gibson ABC's of 2010.

A is for Aaron.
This delightfully happy baby boy has added such
joy to our lives.
B is for babies.
To be blessed with one grandbaby in a year
is wonderful--2 is joy untold.
C is for Caleb.
As many previous posts have indicated, Caleb is one
of the brightest lights in our life.
He keeps us smiling in amazement.
D is for David.
Although this little man doesn't live close
in miles, he lives very close to our hearts.
We have gotten to see him many times during his first year.
E is for Eastside Church of Christ.
Finding a church that is a home is very special.
These are just some of the
ladies who have become my very dear friends.
(They don't always dress like this--this was
Ugly Sweater Night.)

We have many talented photographers in our family.
Most of the photos in this post are courtesy of them.
You know who you are!
Thank You!