Saturday, August 25, 2012

40th Anniversary Day Trip

David and I decided that we
wanted to escape for a day and explore
the west side of the front range to celebrate our

David cannot take a trip without snacks
and I must admit that I was more than willing.
This junk food really tasted good
because I have been dieting lately.

Much of the land was very flat driving
to Breckenridge.  We found
this field filled with
timber fascinating.  

One of the very small towns we drove through
was Alma.  The 10,578 on the sign is definitely
not the population, but the altitude.  

Not a Wal-Mart in sight, but they didn't need one.

What captivated me most about
Breckenridge was their beautiful
flowers.  I will do a separate post
to allow you to see the beauty.

Hanging baskets everywhere.

We ate lunch at this little hole in the wall.
David loves breakfasts and he can
probably count on one hand the number
of really good breakfasts I have made
him in our 40 years of marriage.

It was a  beautiful day.  

The reason this is a little cloudy is because
I was taking the picture through the plexiglass
of the gondola.  We went to the area where
the ski lifts take over transporting skiers up the
mountain in the winter.

No, this is not us.
The guys who were tubing were more
than willing to get their picture
taken.  I'm sure they didn't
realize they would be featured
on a blog.

We travelled on to Aspen and I have to admit that I was
not enamored.  It is block after block of HUGE
hotels.  Definitely a tourist town.
Some of the homes were quite nice though.

Isn't this a carefree statue?

The drive to Golden was gorgeous.
We went through several tunnels.
We found a Railroad museum in Golden
that David wants to take the grandsons and sons to.

We finished out the day with
delicious Mexican food.

What a special day to spend with my best friend.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

What's Your Guess?

Any guesses as to what this is going to be?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Third Little Farmer

The other day I posted about my two little farmers.
Today another of my farmer grandsons
visited and it was his turn to harvest.
(Notice my PISD stepping stone in my garden.
Thank you Debi and Jerry.)
Look at that pretty red tomato.
Up until just a few weeks ago, he
called them May-Mays. Who knows why?
It's kind of sad that he now knows
how to say tomato.
I really liked May-May.
It looks ready to pick.

Look what I picked.

I think I'll just take a bite.
Yummy!  This tastes good.

Really good.

This was all that was left.

Happy Birthday Zac!

 We are enjoying having
the Terry Kirksey's live close
to us.  Last week was Zac's
birthday and they invited us over
for cake and ice cream.
(Sorry Zac, I have no pictures
of you, just of the grandkids.)

Caleb's BFF Sophie was in town.
Caleb informed his Aunt Kelly that
she could watch the little boys,
but that he and Sophie were 5
and could pretty much take care of themselves.

David enjoying a Popsicle.

Aaron chowing down on his cake.

Happy Birthday Zac!
Maybe I'll get a picture of
you for my blog some day.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I Stink

I am impressed with the crafts
that David is getting in his Bible Class.
This week, he had on this Bible time
costume.  I was asking him about it.
I felt sure it must be Joseph's coat of 
many colors.  He was adamant that it
was about Jesus and hugging his children.
He also got a candy ring.
Kelly has figured out that it must be
the Prodigal son who got a coat and a ring
from his father who then hugged
the wayward son.
She'll have to ask his teacher.

Are you wondering what he is so captivated by?

He had checked out I Stink,
an adorable alphabet book about a
garbage truck from the library.
I just happen to have the video and he wants
to watch it over and over and over again.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Black-Eyed Susans

As we wind down our summer
and look forward to a colorful autumn,
The Black-Eyed Susans are just
gorgeous in our neck of the woods.
I stopped in the middle of the road to get this
picture of the beautiful flowers.
According to Wikipedia
other common names for this plant
are Brown-eyed Susan, Brown Betty,
Brown Daisy, Gloriosa Daisy,
Golden Jerusalem, Poorland Daisy,
Yellow Daisy, and Yellow Ox-Eye Daisy.

Since my sweet Grandma Bergeron's
name was Betty, I think I will start
referring to this beautiful flower as
Brown Betty.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sky Socks Baseball

I had a date recently with two of my
favorite guys.
We went to a Sky Socks
(Colorado Springs Minor League)
baseball game.

Caleb was a Boston fan at the Sky Socks game.
He wasn't the only Boston fan there.
When we sang Sweet Caroline, their were
lots of voices.
The field is beautiful.

When we sang the National Anthem,
you could actually here lots of people singing.
Jeremy has a beautiful voice and it was
nice to hear him singing next to me.

There was a whole group of fans sitting
on blankets on the hill on the left outfield side.
We might do that next time.

The mascot was fun to watch.

There were a few raindrops,
but the wind was blowing and the
evening was cool and delightful.
Loved being with these two guys.

The fireworks after the game were
awe inspiring.

Pictures don't do the fireworks
justice.  It was really fun hearing all
the oohs and aahs from the audience.

During the fireworks
a nice lady came up to Caleb
and asked if he wanted
her glasses.
They made any light you
looked at have rainbows around
them.  He loved looking
at the fireworks with these glasses.
This random act of kindness
ended a perfect evening.

Oh, I almost forgot, Jeremy
found me a South Dakota
license plate in the parking lot.
Only 3 states to go!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy 40th Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to the most
precious man alive.
It has been 40 wonderful years.

...and yes, we married when we were
quite young, five years old,
if I remember correctly.  

Thanks Uncle Randy
for scanning the pictures!  

Monday, August 13, 2012


In our neck of the woods,
the cherries have been
both beautiful and delicious
this summer.
I didn't really know that I needed
a cherry pitter, but every time
Caleb ate one of my cherries
he asked, "Do you have a
cherry pitter?"

Of course, Bed Bath and Beyond
carries Cherry Pitters
along with every other
kitchen gadget known to man.

I'll have to admit, cherry pitters
are pretty handy devices.

Happy Cherry Eating!  

Friday, August 10, 2012

Ten on Ten--August 2012

This Ten on Ten post is cheating
a little because the top two
pictures were taken last evening
when we went to eat pizza.
These two little guys were enjoying playing video games.

Little did they know that no one had
put any money into the machine.

Water Droplets on a spider web.

Beautiful succulents growing among the rocks.

Our first day of harvest.

Caleb picked a tomato.
Isn't that red just beautiful?

Aaron picked one too.

Proud little farmers.

And today is my brother, Terry's birthday.
Here he is on his wedding day with my
precious sister-in-law Gail who has been
such an absolute blessing to our family.

Terry's the strong one,
holding up the rock in the foreground.