Monday, April 16, 2012

Good Times--Good Friends

One of the things I enjoy
the most about my trips to Houston
is the chance that I get to visit
with "old" friends.

Pictured here are Joyce, Kay, Janet and Judy
some of the great women I worked with
at PISD.

And the Winner Is.....


Thanks to Kyle Kimbrell for the great name
which he submitted through FaceBook
and for Bob Gardner's seconding of the idea.

In case you don't know, there was a Life Cereal
Commercial on in the 80's in which two
brothers were deciding if they should try
the new healthy cereal.
One of them suggested giving it to
Mikey because "Mikey hates everything"
but low and behold, Mikey loved it and ate it up.

So Mikey it is!

Do you just love it?

How does it work?
The first time I used it, I felt like I needed
to watch Mikey work. Not so anymore,
I just set him up to do a room and go
about my business. He does a great job!

Can you program Mikey to do specific rooms, etc?
I'm pretty sure the answer is yes, but I've only
had him a short while and don't know all the ins
and outs yet.

Thanks Kyle for the great idea!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Toy--Needs a Name

Kelly and Adrian recently made a purchase
that sounded interesting, until I saw "her"
in action, and then it sounded
and a Must Have!
Meet our newest toy, or perhaps
the newest member of our family,
The Roomba, floor cleaning system.

Yes, it is a robot, that vacuums our
floors. As a matter of fact,
The Roomba is cleaning RIGHT NOW while
I am writing this blog.

Now I need your help, loyal readers.
Kelly and Adrian have already chosen the
very best name for their Roomba.
She is Rosie--remember Rosie from the Jetsons?

We can't top that, but we sure do want a
good name so that we don't have to say
to each other each time we clean.
Can you get out the Roomba Vacuum Cleaning System?
Just a little too formal, wouldn't you say?

So start those names suggestions coming in the
comment section and the winning entry
will receive...................



Friday, April 13, 2012

New and Improved Exercise Routine

When I was visiting at Kelly and Adrian's house recently,
she told me that David could do the crab walk.
Of course, I wanted to see this new
trick. Kelly proceeded to demonstrate
for David and instead of doing
the crab walk himself,
he plopped up on mommy's tummy
and she was the one doing the crab walk.
Pretty good work out, if you ask me.

I'm sure the first thing you noticed was the "tacky"
look that Kelly sports--tennis shoes with shorts.
Just so you know she is not a "tacky" dresser, we
were just about to take a walk, thus the tennis shoes.
(Can you guess who asked me to put this
disclaimer on the post?) HMMMMM!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Health Update--April 2012

Here's an Easter Update on my health.
I have had some healing problems because of
the radiation that I completed back in December.
My plastic surgeon had warned
me that this might be the case, and although, of
course, I hoped for no more surgery, I knew
it was a possibility.

On Friday, I had surgery to correct
this problem and I am now home and doing well.

As so often happens in my life, a
big blessing preceded this issue.

do some Easter shopping last Tuesday.
I arrived a little before 9 when they open
and went into the little "foyer" to wait.
A really nice employee of Mardel's opened
the door and said that the store wasn't open
yet, but that she was having a personal
devotional and wondered if I would like to join her.

I, of course, said yes, and proceeded to tell her
that I was scheduled for surgery and would appreciate her
prayers. Just then a man came to the door and asked if the
store was open yet. She told him, No, but that if
he would like to come in and pray with us, he was welcome.
It turns out that he is the chaplain of the
Colorado Springs Police Department.
He prayed for both the employee and me.

What a blessing!
Isn't God's timing amazing?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Crazy Colorado Weather

We have been having glorious
spring weather here in the Springs.
It was almost 80 degrees last week.
All that ended yesterday with a spring snowstorm.
With the snow came the winds.
When I looked out my window this morning
onto my upper deck, there were only 3 chairs
instead of 4. I couldn't imagine where the 4th
chair could be.

The wind had picked up the chair and set
it back down in the backyard. Would have
loved to have seen how that happened!

We are predicted to be back in the
60's by the end of the week.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Texas Bluebonnets and Spring
are synonymous!
What a beautiful display of God's beauty!

My friend, Lea, gave me a
beautiful silver bluebonnet charm created by
You can see it by clicking the link above.
I love wearing it because it
reminds me of my roots.

I still remember the Bluebonnet Song that I learned
in elementary school.

Bluebonnets, Bluebonnets,
With your coats so blue
Your bright eyes are shining
In the morning dew.
They say you're a dolly
Offered for the rain
And Texas wears blue
Bluebonnets in the Spring.

Anyone else sing that song as a child?