Monday, July 30, 2012

The Summers Family Visit

Donna and I worked together for many years
and became good friends.

Recently her family was taking a road trip
to Colorado, so they stopped in the Springs
and spent a few days visiting with us
and seeing the sights.

We enjoyed hanging out in the backyard with
kids and grandkids one evening.
Michael and David became good buddies.

Why is it that water is often
the best toy around?

Michael and Amber

The Summers family on our back deck.

Nana and Ducca with Michael and Amber

We enjoyed your visit Summers Family

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Best Friends

Because little David and his parents 
were on a vacation,
these cousins and best friends
had not seen each other in three weeks.
Such a sweet reunion!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Scavenger Hunt

Some of the ladies at our church
enjoyed a picture scavenger hunt at
our monthly get together for July.
My team consisted of (left to right) me, Linda, Vanessa and Crystal.

In the following photos, you will get
to see some of our challenges.

Go to a donut shop and buy a donut and bring with you with
a bite taken out of it by the person who sold it to you.
 (150 points)
This guy was such a good sport.  

Picking up litter.

(10 points)
My team gave me a hard time because
I picked up the litter for the photo
and then put it back down again.
I did go back and put the litter
in the trash can after realizing what
I had done.

Hugging a stranger
(20 points)

Go to a McDonald's restaurant. Go inside, and everyone
gets down on his hands and knees and pretend you are looking for
someone's lost contact lens for about 3 minutes.
(100 points)

In a bathroom stall at McDonalds
(not handicap)
(50 points)

A picture of all of you in your car with
2 other people you don't know in there also.
(100 points)

Picture with a red convertible
(100 points)

Sitting in one chair together in the house of someone from the group
(50 points)

Entire team in a tree
(40 points)

Entire team on a slide
(10 points)

Someone in the group hanging by their legs on a
jungle gym.
(75 points)

Picture of the entire team with a redhead.
Thanks Kelly for helping out our team.
(75 points)

Some of the really fun challenges that we completed
but that are not pictured here are:

Go to someone's house that you know and when
they open the door, run into the kitchen, sit down
 at the table and shout "what's
for dinner, babe?"
(200 points)
Thank you Joyce and Greg.


At a long traffic light, have everyone
run around once and then get back
in before the light turns green
(75 points)

Would you like to know to know
the most difficult one of the
evening?  Only one team
accomplished it.

Get 5 marshmallows from someones's house you
don't know.
(300 points)

What fun!
Hanging out with good friends
and being a little crazy.

Thank you Joan and Sarah for planning
a super fun night.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pikes Peak Beauty

I am a lucky woman.
I get to see Pikes Peak every
single day.  In fact, when I 
am in the car with the grandsons,
we often say, "Good Morning, Mr. Pike"
to the mountain. 
I got to go up to the top of the Peak
on the Cog Railway when visitors
from Houston were here last week.

The views are truly breathtaking
and no photograph can really
describe the beauty.

Katharine Lee Bates penned a
poem while
she was going up the mountain in
the 1800's and the poem became
our well beloved song,
America the Beautiful.
I cannot imagine
ascending that mountain
in a buggy, but she did.

Equally hard to describe is
the blessing of
lifelong friends who
share life and ascend
both literal and figurative
mountains with you.

God is so good!  

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Blue Skies and Rainbows

Our good friends David and Barbie
stopped by to see us on
their way to Estes Park.
As on many July evenings, 
we had rain, but decided to
take a drive through 
Garden of the Gods anyway.
We were rewarded with the most beautiful
double rainbow I have ever seen.
David C. noted that the colors on the
two rainbows are reversed.
Can anyone explain that
The remainder of the photos
need no captions.
Just enjoy the beauty!  

One thing that was very interesting to me
was the length of time these
rainbows lasted.  It seems that rainbows
are usually around for a very short time.
This one lasted for 45 minutes to an hour.

It was also fun seeing all the people
who were gazing upward at
God's breathtaking beauty.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Skippyjon Jones and Kohl's

I'm not sure if I should thank
my friend Mindy for letting me
know that Kohl's is featuring
Skippyjon Jones items in their
stores, or whether I should send her the
bill for the items I purchased.

I actually restrained myself (although
all items purchased are not
displayed in the picture.)
There are many more Skippy Jon
Jones items at your local Kohl's.

Let me just give Kohl's  and their
Kohl's Cares program
a shout out.
I am so impressed with their commitment
to local charities benefitting children.

All the items above were $5.00 each with the
total proceeds going to charity.

"Kohl's Cares thanks you for over a
decade of dedication and hundreds of millions of
dollars raised.  100% of the net
profit from the sale of this item will
be donated to support kids' health and education
initiatives in communities nationwide.
Since 2000, more than $180 million
has been raised through our
Kohl's Cares cause merchandize program."

For more information, visit

In the past Kohl's has featured, Curious George,
Eric Carle items, Dr. Seuss items,
and many more.
What a wonderful idea!
Way to go Kohl's.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

10 on 10 Book Edition

Sometimes it seems I am defined
by the books in my life,
the ones I have read, the ones I
am reading, and the ones waiting to be read.

My UHCL class is using two
new textbooks this fall.
I am enjoying learning new things
to teach my students, but
new textbooks are a lot of work.

Our preacher, Patrick Mead, suggested this
book.  It is by Sara Barton, who served
as a missionary in Uganda with our
friends, Greg and Jill.
Sara is stretching my thinking.

Another friend from church told me about
Inspired Reads, a FB app which
 tells you about Christian Fiction.
I have downloaded several books on
my IPad free of charge.
Oh, dear, another way to read.

I "have" to read lots of children's and young
adult books for my job as
an instructor of Children's Literature.
This is my current shelf of library
books waiting to be read.

I received an e-mail from a mother
the other day asking if I had
some books that her children have
to read for summer reading.
Tuck Everlasting was on the list.
I used to read this to my students
when I taught 4th grade.
I LOVE this book.

Somewhere along the way I started
collecting stuffed animals to go with
picture books.
Verdi the snake is one of the grandson's
favorite.  Did you know he flies in the book
and often in my office when the little
guys are here?

I bought this book when I had 3 children--
Kelly, Jeremy and Mandy.
Then Adrian came along and it didn't apply
anymore because his addition added a 4th favorite.  
Now I have 3 favorite grandchildren.
I'm betting that won't apply in the next few years.
No, there are no announcements from Colorado.

Some of my book character stuffed animals.
Do you recognize any of them?

The young Gibson family gave me Duck and Goose for
Christmas.  These little characters never cease to make
me laugh.

Yes, I actually have 11 pictures in this 10 on 10.
We'll count these two books as one picture.
I learned to read using these
basal readers.  

So many books, so little time!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Little Girls and a Boy

I don't often have the opportunity
to entertain little girls.
Last night our neighbor girls spent
the night and Caleb came for a sleepover
as well.

We had fun playing in the backyard,
eating pizza and popsicles,
reading books and laughing.

Carmen and Heath,
you have raised delightful
children.  Imagine my surprise
when I checked and they had even
made up their own bed this morning.