Saturday, May 29, 2010

Love Present

My mom has a tradition that she has passed along to me.
The tradition is called "Love Presents".
Love presents are those gifts you buy for no special occasion, but just because they scream out,
"This gift would be PERFECT FOR (fill in the blank with a person's name)"
Well today I was in Anthropologie and this book said, "Please buy me for Debi."
If you want to know how much Debi loves Macaroons, just check out her recent blog post.
While you are there, you will probably want to spend hours reading her very creative and informative blog.
Debi, I hope you don't already own this book. I don't know exactly when I will get it to you since you spend part of your days in London and I spend most of my days in Colorado, but hopefully, we will meet in Houston this summer and I can give you this "Love Present."
Love you, my friend.

Just to whet everyone's appetites, the picture below comes from the

Thursday, May 27, 2010


A month or so ago, before we moved into our home, I went antique shopping and found
a round pedestal table for the breakfast area, and this unique cabinet. I usually have to see something "finished" to see the potential, but this time I just knew that this porcelain topped cabinet (as shabby as it was) needed to find a home in my home.
Here is the finished product.
I am just a little proud of myself since this is not my usual area of giftedness.
I'm not sure how David feels about the red paint residue in our garage, but as always, he is a very patient man and helped put all the pieces back together to make the finished
"Shabby Chic" antique.
We're going to use it as the TV stand in the basement.
The black door is a chalkboard and will be used to write messages of welcome to our guests.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tangy California Lemons

As a lover of lemons, I was amazed the first time we visited David's parents, Ruth and Leon, after we got married (38 years ago) to discover a lemon tree in their backyard. The lemons on that tree taste like nothing you have ever tasted before unless you have eaten fresh from the tree lemons. Often over the past 38 years, I have received care packages of lemons. David just made a trip to see his parents and look what he brought back in his suitcase.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Friendly Westerners

I have been asked if people in the West are as friendly as people in the South.
We have been blessed with so many friendly people here in Colorado.
We just moved into our new home and we have received the following from
friendly neighbors:
  • a delicious cheesecake
  • wonderful brownies
  • and today, this was on my doorstep when the doorbell rang

Yes, I would say that Westerners are just as friendly as Southerners.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Master Bedroom

My mom noticed when I gave my home tour the other day that I didn't have any pictures of the Master Bedroom. That was because I had a dilemma. I had purchased some really neat bed linens in black, white, and red, but the house had the custom drapes and valance that you see below. The Black, White, and Red just didn't match.
I have been searching for a while for something that we could really like and that would also match the drapes. Today I found it! And ON SALE!!
I love the new look!
One little section of the room is reserved for very special visitors.
Sue Burke, if you ever see my blog, please notice the blanket.
You made this for Jeremy 31 years ago. It's still beautiful.

OK, Mom, now you have seen the Master Bedroom!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

3 Little Men

I now have 3 precious grandsons, and thanks to James Avery Jewelry,
I can have them with me symbolically at all times.

In a previous blog post, Caleb commented on the bracelet.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Emma the Baby Duck

I saw the cutest thing at church on Wednesday night.
Walking in the door from outside
was a very nice young man and following
him was a duck. At first I thought the duck
just randomly was in the church parking lot,
but Earl (that's the young man) told
me that the duck's name is Emma
and she is part of a school project.
He is raising her and teaching her
things and part of what he has
taught her is to follow him.
At one point, Emma decided, much like a little
child, that she didn't want to follow Earl anymore.
She wanted to follow someone else.
But Emma, like a good duck,
listened to Earl and was soon following him again.
By the way, I got permission from Earl,
though not from Emma, to put this
picture on my blog.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Books, Books and More Books

Several years ago (2004 to be exact)
I read a Memoir of Barbara Bush.
I'm sorry, I cannot remember the title and
she has written more than one.
In the memoir, she was constantly sharing books
that she had read. I realized that she
must be writing all these books down
in order to remember them.
I decided that I would do the same.
I started out writing the book titles and authors in
a paper journal. Then, a few years later,
I transferred the book to an electronic
format called GoodReads (which by the way, I love).
While unpacking from our move, I found
the paper journal, so over the past several nights
I have entered all the books into GoodReads.
Here is just a sampling of some of the books I listed in the journal.
If you would like to see my entire book list, check out the GoodReads site.
I will make some random comments about some of the books
under the book cover.
All covers are courtesy of Titlewave Books.
PB = Picture Book
YA=Young Adult Book
C=Children's Book
C & YA
YA--This is a series that my niece,
Jenny turned me on to. Great!
YA Historical Fiction--one of my favorite
historical fiction authors
C--I like this one so much that it is
required reading in my UHCL
Children's Lit classes. The author also
wrote the Babysitter's Clubs books
years ago.
YA--surprise ending
PB--winner of Caldecott
This is a fantastic book--one of a kind.
YA--if you read this book, you will never forget it!
YA--fantastic author. I read everything
he writes.
My niece Stacie, introduced me to
Nicolas Sparks years ago and his books always
make me cry, sometimes even sob.
I read everything John Grisham writes.
He hooks me from the first paragraph.
Baldacci is one of the authors
that Barbara Bush said she read everything
he writes. I now do the same.
YA-I read this book as a
teenager. Loved it then, love it now.
Very poignant book.
Sorry for the small picture.
Written by Greg Taylor, a
personal friend and a much loved
youth minister to my son when he
was a teenager.

My friend LaJuana turned me on
to Jan Karon books. Father
Tim is a wonderful character.
Inspiring book.

All of the young adults at our
church were reading this book,
and I kept hearing them talk about it.
It really made me think.
If everyone else loves it, I am usually
a skeptic. However, this is a
WONDERFUL book. I know
God better for reading this book.
This book is for Children's Lit enthusiasts. Especially
Picture Book enthusiasts.

Now, I have shared some of my favorite reads
with you.
What are some of your best loved books?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Several of you have asked for pictures of our new home.
Please remember that I am the blogger
and my husband is the realtor, so his "house"
pictures would probably be better, but...

Welcome to our front porch.
Right now there are beautiful tulips blooming.
This picture of the dining room is taken with a
wonderful Iphone app that my friend Marla
told me about called Pano. With it, you can take a
panoramic view of a big space. I am still playing with it.
This is the living room taken with the same app, but I messed up
a little so you have a somewhat warped view of our living
room. I guess you'll just have to come
and see it for yourself.
Breakfast area overlooking the deck.
Being a southern girl, I love oak cabinets,
so was thrilled that this home has them.
I have never had a home office of my own.
I have always shared with David.
This one is all mine! Not surprisingly,
it is filled with antique
school items and lots of children's
My retirement present of a library
card catalogue is being put
to practical use with all kinds of
office items stored away in
the little drawers.
This is the basement. For those of you who
are observant, you will notice that
sunlight is coming in one window
but not the other. That is because behind the window is
a hot tub. Yes, you heard correctly, a hot tub.
It might not last too long so you better
come and see us soon if you want to enjoy it.
This is the guest bedroom with my grandmother's
bedroom suite. I used to climb up on this
bed and thought it was so high. Has it shrunk,
or have I gotten taller?
The shower curtain in the guest bathroom is
made from a quilt topper from my grandmother.

This sign is in the guest quarters.
My son-in-law loves to ring it when
he visits. You'll have to ask him
about the house service. It's pretty
This is the lower deck looking down on the
infamous hot tub.
This is the upper deck waiting for some outside
furniture. I don't want just anything. I think
I'll be combing the antique stores until
I find just what I "need". Any excuse will do
to go antique shopping.

Hope you enjoyed the guided tour.
Come and see us.
The welcome mat is out and we'll
leave the porch light on.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Clean, Clean, Clean

This is hands down, my new favorite cleaning product.
When you move into a previously owned home,
even if the owners leave it relatively clean,
you just want the germs to be your own germs.
These little wipes make cleaning as easy as 1-2-3.
Do I sound like a commercial?
And for all my "green" friends, I have read the
package and can only find that the container
itself is recyclable. I'm just hoping the wipes are as well,
because I love using them.