Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Terry

Happy Birthday Terry!
You were the first in our family to be a grandparent and have shown us all how this "grandparenting thing" should be done.
In looking for pictures of you, I realized that I don't have many. You do a good job of avoiding the camera. So I thought you would enjoy having your two precious grandsons featured in your birthday post.

The picture below shows grandpa Terry along with Aunt Jenny trying to get a smile out of baby Nathan.

Hope you have a very special day, Terry!
You deserve it because you are a very special brother.


terryaven said...

Thanks for the birthday card. Your
picture on the front was a nice touch.

Miss G said...

Oh no! I can only guess that the picture was of a monkey! Am I right? Family jokes are so much fun! :) Happy birthday, Uncle Terry! Kelly

Karen said...

All I can say Terry is what David said when I read your comment--"Gotcha!!!" Hope you had a good day.