Monday, August 17, 2009

Flowers of Colorado

Before we moved to Colorado, when I thought of the beauty of the state, I thought of the mountains. I didn't realize that there would be so many beautiful flowers. I'm not sure what these purple flowers are but they are everywhere.
Most of the pictures below were taken on the grounds of the Broadmoor Hotel.
BEAUTIFUL place! Thank you Darlene for recommending. We had a delightful anniversary lunch there.


BR said...

gorgeous! do you enjoy working in the yard? I guess you'll have to learn all the plants indigenous to the springs. any chance the purple flower is lavender?

Karen said...

In the past, my life has been so hectic that the only flowers I was successful with were "no fuss" roses. I think with a calmer lifestyle I would like to try my hand at flowers. When Kelly was here last week, she thought the purple might be lavender. I haven't been close enough to smell. When does school start for you?

Miss G said...

Beautiful flowers, Mom! love you! Kelly