Wednesday, August 19, 2009

THE Card Catalogue

My wonderful co-workers at Pasadena ISD gave me the antique above for one of my retirement gifts. You have to know the story behind this one. I have wanted a card catalogue for many years and have searched for one in every antique store that I have ever visited. I had an image in my mind of the perfect one and I never found it. My co-workers knew this and started searching on-line. The were not having much luck with ones close to the Houston area and the shipping costs from ones far away were outrageous. That's where my son, Jeremy, came in. He got on-line and started searching and found the card catalogue above right in the Houston area--no shipping costs. Many of the precious people who work with me polished it, created labels for the drawers, and hid it from me until my retirement reception. Talk about a surprise! And the amazing thing is, this is the exact card catalogue that was in my mind's eye all those years.
Thank you so much Pasadena friends. It has a proud place in my new home and I think of you when I look at it.
P.S. Two high school students were in attendance at the reception. When the card catalogue was unveiled, and they saw how excited I was, they asked someone, "What is that thing?" Talk about feeling old.


Mindy S. said...

I LOVE IT! And now I think I am jealous of something I never knew that I wanted. :-) Maybe I will have to start looking for one...
And what a special gift from your coworkers. I know they are missing you a lot.

Mindy S.

Miss G said...

Hilarious that those two kids didn't know what it was! Oh my. I guess they don't of course. So glad we were able to pull off that surprise for you. Love you!! Kelly

BR said...

Howwww FUN is THAT?! What do the labels say?

Karen said...

Fun Question BR. The labels say:
Relax (ahhhh!)--there are actually 2 that say this
Nana's Times
If You Give a Teacher a Cookie
Just for Fun
Nothing to Do (ahhhh)
Precious Memories
Do Nothing Days
Children'sliteraturenana (I thought that might be the title of my blog at one time
Favorite Books
My Thoughts
Things I Like to Do
and the other 12 labels are January, February....December
Also very special....people wrote messages to me on library cards that are in one of the drawers.

Debi said...

What a great present. I wish I had seen it before you packed it up and moved it away. Isn't it great to have a dream realized?

Jenni said...

so fun!! my family uses a double-drawer 3x5 card catalogue for a recipe box.....we're actually on the hunt for one for me now....