Sunday, August 9, 2009

Caleb William Gibson with His Two Grandmothers

The little guy in the middle looks happy, doesn't he?
Well of course he is happy. On his left is AnnMa, Mandy's mom.
And on his right is Nana, Jeremy's mom.
Who wouldn't be happy with two doting grandmothers?
This picture was taken outside of FAMOUS DAVE'S a great BBQ restaurant. The Springs doesn't know how to do Mexican Food (or at least we haven't found the right restaurant yet) but they do know how to do BBQ.


Debi said...

We used to eat at Famous Dave's in Chicago, and thought it came close to Texas BBQ. Hope you'll fill us in on what's going on in your day to day new world.

Miss G said...

y'all are beautiful! Kelly

BR said...

i never had a picture of me with my 2 grandmas at the same time. what a treasure. They've both gone now. Maybe we'll take that snapshot in heaven someday!

Kim said...

I first noticed that precious guy in the middle and then I noticed that I bought that same skirt a few weeks back - lol.