Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Beauty in the Ordinary

I have learned many things from my children and their spouses, but today's lesson comes from my daughter. She is an expert at using beautiful things for ordinary purposes. This is a Fiesta heart bowl. In the past, I have displayed it, but really don't have a perfect use for it.
So........I decided to put my sponges in it so that I can enjoy using it every day when I am doing the very ordinary chore of doing dishes!


Miss G said...

Yea!!! What a great idea! Isn't it fun to move into a new place and do things in new ways? love you!! Kelly

BR said...

Hi, Karen!
This is Kelly's friend, Betty, from Sitka. Kelly checked your blog while she was here so it is listed in my favorites now and I just noticed the new red heart posting you made! Yay for you and your new place and new kitchen with old treasures. Congratulations on your new home and may God bless your every minute in it!

jennyc said...

I love that about Kelly, too! I believe I can see now (after seeing some of your posts) that she learned early on how to find joy & beauty from her sweet momma! Glad you are enjoying CO!