Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Super Hero Reunion Memories

Sweetie made matching Superhero Capes
for all the little boys at the family reunion.

(left to right) Andrew, Caleb, Nathan
who had a big time playing together during the reunion
Sometimes Superheroes need a rest!
Sometimes Superheroes have no clue what all the
fuss is about!
SuperNana got to commission the
Heroes and tie on their capes!
This little Superhero needed a hug.
This is fun says Superhero Nathan.
The most fun was rolling around on the floor
and wresting since everyone had
Superhero strength. They were
even able to successfully conquer big
cousins Matthew and Josh.
Sweetie was even kind enough to make
a cape for SuperNana.
What a sweetie that Sweetie is!


Kim said...


Joan said...

Love it! Nothing better!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

What an awesome idea! They are going to have such great memories of their time together: Cousins--second generation!

Laura said...

Good times. Love the pictures.