Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday Dear Jeremy

When your birthday is July 6th,
just two days after the nation's birthday,
it always seems like you get the BELATED
birthday wishes! Sorry Jeremy!
Wasn't he an adorable one year old?
This picture reminds me just a little of Aaron.
He had such fun with his big sister, Kelly.
He still enjoys his afternoon naps, just not with
Kermit the Frog anymore.
He is an amazing Christian man, friend, husband, father, son, uncle,
and all around good guy!
And he's not a bad dancer either!

Happy Birthday Jeremy!
Thanks for all you do to make
your mom and dad very proud to call you our Son!

1 comment:

Kori said...

Wow! That pic of Kelly looks just like Sweetie to me! And currently Jeremy looks just like his dad. I always tell Hannah, who's birthday is the 3rd, that the country just gives her fireworks a little later. Jeremy gets his a little early!