Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A New Do

Well, friends, the day I had been dreading finally arrived.
And much like the quote from Mark Twain,
"I am an old man and have known a great many troubles,
but most of them never happened."
it wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting.

One of the side effects of my chemotherapy is losing my hair.
Those of you who know me well know that I spend
a lot of time and a lot of money making
sure my hair looks good, so naturally I was dreading being bald.
Several weeks ago, my daughter Kelly and I went to
a wonderful little shop here in Colorado Springs
called In Care of You. The owner is
a breast cancer survivor and she specializes in
helping women through the whole process of getting well
both physically and emotionally (which for me
includes a wig that I feel good in.)
We tried on several wigs and settled on the one above.
One of my sweet friends from church, Joan, had agreed to
shave my head when the time came. She used to be a hairdresser and
just has the most wonderful servant's heart.
But one day my precious daughter-in-law and I
were talking and she said that she would really like
to do that for me. Isn't that just the sweetest offer you
have ever heard? By the way, the picture above
is Mandy modeling one of my scarves.

The last couple of days my hair has been falling
out at an alarming rate, so I knew for certain
it was time. So this morning, on my sweet son's
birthday, Mandy came over and shaved my head.
Before she shaved it, she prayed over me and offered
to give me a Mohawk, saying it would probably
be the only time in my life I would ever have that
opportunity. I politely declined, but that set
the tone for the morning and we actually laughed and had fun!
Here is a picture of the new do.
Side and back view.
Sadly, I actually like the back of the wig better
than I like the back of my own hair.
Here I am in the cute little scarf that Mandy was
modeling earlier for times when I don't feel like
wearing a wig.

I do have a picture of me bald, but I must say that I am not
brave enough just yet to put that on the blog. Let's just say that when
I look in the mirror, I see my precious bald headed
daddy. Now that's not a bad way to spend the next few months
of my life, is it?
On another light note, shortly after my head was shaved,
I got the following text from Jeremy.
"Don't tell Sweetie about shaving your head. I heard
you can get into trouble doing that sort of thing!
I love you!"

Those of you who have known our family for many
years might remember a certain time when
Jeremy shaved his head without permission
while at camp. His mama was not a happy camper!

Thanks for your continued prayers!
Life is very good!


Jenni said...

aside from being blonder than I know you to be, I certainly would not have known that photo of you was in a consider your shopping trip a success!!! still definitely praying for you all through this process.

Miss G said...

You look great! You certainly cannot tell that you're wearing a wig. It looks so much like your hair! I love the way it parts on top just like yours. It looks really pretty. I also love that you see Poppy in the mirror. That is a very happy thing! love you! Kel

Mindy S. said...

I agree with Jenni and Kelly. I would have probably just thought you chose a new color at the salon rather than a whole new head of hair. :-) YOU look great!

Lynn Leaming said...

Your post is a testimony of Romans 8:28....I can't imagine how difficult it would be to have to shave your head. Yet, your daughter in law made it a holy moment, covering it in prayer and doing it with her hands of love. Doesn't it amaze you that God ordained that moment when He chose her for your daughter in law? I love that! Then to bless you with a shop where someone is providing the 2 Corinthians 1 comfort that God promises, by giving the comfort that she herself recieved in such a special way. Your wig and scarf are both beautiful. But I know they are just an outward covering for the beautiful vessel of God that you are!! May our sweet Lord continue to bless you the strength you need for every step of this journey until He blesses you with complete healing. Thanks for sharing such an intimate moment with us all so that we can rejoice in God's provision.

Carrie said...

You are a true beauty!! What a wonderful daughter-in-law you have to bless you in such a way at such a trying moment! You have such a wonderful family to surround you and support you when you need it most. May God continue to give you strength through this trial ahead! Thank you for being a beautiful Godly example for us! You look stunning!

Debi H. said...

Karen, your hair looks great! I would have never guessed you were wearing a wig. You are such a beautiful lady!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Karen, my friend,
I know this was a difficult and pivotal day for you, and I am so thankful that Mandy was there to make the process a little easier. Honestly, looking at the first picture, I did not even know you were wearing a wig--I thought it was a "before" picture, but when I saw the second one, and the way your new hair does that happy swing, I realized you were modeling the "new do." It's really attractive on you--honestly, I love it!

Cheryl Stevens said...

The new 'do suits you perfectly. I couldn't tell it was the wig when I saw the first picture. You look mah-velous, dahling! Your whole attitude is inspiring through this journey. As you know what I do for a living, I see many women in similar circumstances as yourself. I could only hope that if this should ever be handed to me, that I would have the strength and faith to keep that positive outlook that is so important. God bless you, Karen.

Anonymous said...

It looks really natural! Awesome!


Lisa Rieck said...

Karen I just love your wig and would never know! My Mother lost some of her hair when she was going through treatment for throat cancer. She did not lose it all, but it became considerably thinner on top. She had a small hair piece made to fit just the area that was bald. She looks great as do you. Your positive spirit has always been an inspiration. I miss you dearly. Take care dear friend and keep yourself surrounded by your family, friends, and God.