Saturday, July 30, 2011

Great Yard Sale Finds

I'm not sure why, but Colorado Springs
is a GREAT place to yard sale.
Mandy, Jeremy, and kids were out this morning
enjoying the beautiful weather and some sales.
Mandy kept seeing things that she
thought I would like and texting me pictures.

Three red bar stools!
I passed since I have a red bar stool that I
am not using right now and probably
don't need 3 more in storage.
A retro ice cream freezer!
I really liked this, but wasn't sure
where I would display it, so again I passed.

She called about some bunk beds for the
grandchildren's room. They
were what I am looking for with
a full size mattress on the bottom and
a twin on the top, but they were metal
and I'm really looking for wood.
Again, I passed.

I have a very smart daughter-in-law
who was determined that she find
something that I was willing to buy.

The picture below was the last I received
from the morning's shopping trip.
The text message said:
"Want one of these?
$100 million each

My Reply:
"I'll take all 3.
It's a bargain at that price.
I would have paid double.

On a side note:
What do you call this kind of sale
in your part of the country?
In Houston, they were Garage Sales;
in CS, they are yard sales;
I have also heard Tag Sales,
Estate Sales (although I think those
are a little more shi-shi.
Are there any more names that I
haven't heard of?


Amy said...

Garage sales here in East Texas. Hi!

Mindy S. said...

We hear them called both garage sales and yard sales here. In our area an Estate Sale usually means that the entire contents of the house are for sale--and you can walk through the inside of the house to look. Often it occurs when someone has died and left the home and contents behind, or an older person/couple has moved into a retirement living situation. When Fairy moved out of her home in Houston she had an estate sale, after she removed the few things that she wanted.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Boot sales in London ! Selling out of the trunk of your car.

Kim said...

I will chip in a million or so if I get to share them while I am there!

Miss G said...

I should have texted you the photo of the purple wig I was thinking about for you. I did get a love present for you though that is something you've mentioned wanting before. Those boy-os sure are cute! You're welcome to baby-sit at least one of them for free! :) It was so much fun to run into the other clan today garage saling. Kelly

Anonymous said...

Here in the Shenandoah Valley we have them all. Garage means in the garage, yard means in the driveway, estate means they are selling everything but the garage and driveway. Tag sales are a little confusing-I think that is the default title when you can't figure out where to have it. Here are my two latest finds-a new mantel I am going to convert into a headboard for 3.75 and a rather old looking small table made from barn lumber for 3.00 that still had the original price of 39.95 on the bottom of it. Still looking for the original Masterpiece Game...and having a blast looking.
Those boys are precious, Karen.