Monday, July 4, 2011

Strawberry Picking

There is a neat little Farmer's Market
called Froberg's in Alvin, Texas
The entire time I lived in Houston,
I had never visited this wonderful place.
When I was in Houston for my niece, Jenny's
wedding, my mom, sister and sister-in-law
spent one morning picking strawberries
at Froberg's.
The fruit was everywhere, and we were picking away.
Aunt Kim
Aunt Gail
Definitely the pro--she takes her grandsons a
lot during strawberry season.


I must admit that after about 20 minutes of
picking fruit for fun, I had a whole
new appreciation for people
who do this kind of work for a living.

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Kori said...

We love to pick strawberries Karen! But here we have three different places to pick within 10 minutes of our house. :-) By the time we get home there are four little faces and all of their matching fingers dyed red. They eat till they are sick and we jam and freeze the rest. Love it!