Friday, July 22, 2011

Family Reunion Memories--Winning a Car!

The newest member of our family
is Filiberto Hinojosa, Jenny's husband.
They were married in March and Fili
is just a super guy that we all fell in love with immediately.
On Saturday night, a large group of the family went to a
Skysox game. They are the minor league baseball
team who make their home here in Colorado Springs.
Someone had heard before the game that there were going to be
10 used cars given away at the game that night!
Guess who was the FIRST person to win a car?
That's right--Fili--the one and only family member
to be so lucky. Of course, there were a couple of
problems. Jenny and Fili had flown here, and they
both already had cars. So on Monday morning
they paid the taxes and sold the car.

I'd say the newlyweds had a pretty good story
to tell from their first family reunion
as a married couple.

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Miss G said...

It was so fun to be at the snack bar with Stacie and hear her yell over the din of people around us, "Fili just won a car!" We were so excited. Kelly