Saturday, June 2, 2012

Surprise Birthday Present

For our 15th Anniversary,
David gave me a Harding Swing.
Definition:  White
swings that are all over
our alma mater,
 Harding University 
in Searcy, Arkansas.

Sadly, it was VERY heavy
so we didn't transport it to
Colorado when we moved.
You might remember some blog 
posts about the sadness of

Imagine my surprise when
I returned from a trip to Houston
late this week, and my children
had gotten me one for my birthday.
They didn't just get me one,
my precious son Jeremy built it for me.
This was my reaction.
I can assure you that the swing will be
featured in lots of pictures
in future blog posts
because it will be
used a lot.

Thank you Adrian, Kelly,
Mandy, Jeremy,
Caleb, Aaron and David
for a most excellent surprise.

1 comment:

A Tale of Two Cities said...

I bet seeing your face was such a treat for your kids! So glad you have a little piece of Harding there in Colorado!