Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Colorado Springs Fires

Thank you to so many of you who have
checked with us to be sure that
we are safe during these unprecedented fires
in Colorado Springs.

I thought this would be a good avenue
to give you a report.

I know that many of you have seen the
horrific pictures coming out
of the Colorado Springs news media.

These pictures taken from my back deck
show nothing of the scenes that
hold so much heartbreak for so many.
They do, however, show a little of how terrible
this fire is for so many.

Our family, David and me, Jeremy and his family,
and Kelly and her family are all several
miles away from the actual fires.
We are all safe and don't
anticipate being evacuated.

We do have wonderful friends who
are not so fortunate.  Several of  all three of
our families' friends are being
directly affected by the fires.
Luckily there have
been no injuries reported at the present time.
Some of our friends are evacuated
 from the neighborhoods that
were hardest hit last night and are waiting
to see if their homes were the ones that
burned.  Others work for the police
department and are assisting in this disaster.
Our church, Eastside Church of Christ,
 has been set up as a shelter and
is accepting evacuees.  
This picture shows the sun valiantly trying to
peek through the terrible smoke.

The Son of God is already
present in this city and will
help see us through this tragedy.

Here are some specific things that I ask
you to pray for:

Safety for all the Firefighters
who are trying to contain this blaze.
They are doing an amazing job under
very difficult circumstances.

That as few homes as
possible will be burned and
that people can return to their
homes soon.

Wisdom for city, county, and
national leaders as they
work together to bring this
under control.

That we will have a break in
the record breaking heat and that
refreshing rain will come to our beautiful state.

That the many Christians in this
city will use this time to reach
out to people who are hurting.
In short, help us to be Jesus
with skin on here in Colorado Springs.

Thank you again for your
thoughts and prayers.  They
mean a lot to all of us.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes. Definitely already praying these and will continue. You seem to be in the shoes we wore 2 weeks ago but even more intense for you. I love the analogy of the sSon shining. Thank you for sharing.
Allison Green

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Such a tragedy. I'm so thankful that you guys are all safe but so concerned for many others. Thanks for the personal insight to the fire.

Gereta said...

I am so glad to hear that you and all your kids are safe. Praying for those who have not been as fortunate.