Monday, June 4, 2012

Tacky Birthday Greetings

David and I share our birthdays.
Mine is May 30 and his is
June 1.  We turn the
same age each year, but I
am the oldest.

He used to give me
grief about being an older
woman, but he has
gotten much wiser
through the years.

This year we both turned
the BIG 60
and it was fun being
in Houston with family
and other OLD friends
to celebrate.

We received MANY very 
sweet cards, but thought
we'd share the TACKY ones
in case you need a laugh.
The names of the card
givers will not be shared in
order to protect the guilty.

...very few of them would be able to
get back up under their own power.  

...I think they call it Vintage!  

You go first!  

Thank goodness I can still drive!  

Bright, Talented, Attractive, and All-Around
Oh, sure, hog all the good genes for yourself, why don't you?
(Sorry Kimmie, couldn't very well disguise
this one.)  

You're one year closer to finding out.

The girls may get old, but not the chillin'.

May your next birthday provide
you as many laughs as this
birthday did for us.  

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