Sunday, June 10, 2012

Role Models

For 11 years, I was a fourth grade
teacher at Moore Elementary
in the Pasadena Independent School District.

I was fortunate enough to teach
with some wonderful women who
were my friends as well as my

We taught in an open-concept
classroom which meant that
we were in very close quarters and
had the privilege of seeing and hearing
each other teach.

We try to get together as often as
possible to visit and keep up with
each other's lives.  On this 
trip, they thought I was taking their pictures
for my phone contact list.  Little did they
know they would be featured
in my blog.
Two special ladies were not able
to be with us (and they are probably
thankful that their picture is not
all over the internet.)

Darlene is
one of the most gifted teachers I know.
She knows how to make reading come alive for
her students.  I'll never forget hearing
her read The BFG by Dahl.
Her students were laughing so hard
that I vowed to read the novel to my students
as well.

Pat and I team taught for several years.
She taught math, for which my students
should be forever grateful and I taught
Language Arts.  We had so much fun
teaching together.  We had similar philosophies
about children and we laughed and had
fun.  We probably shouldn't have
gotten paid, we had so much fun.

Cindy taught Kindergarten
before she joined us in 4th Grade
and then she moved to the Library.
I love hearing people talk about Cindy, the
Librarian.  She is a lover of books and
of kids and still does AMAZING things
in Moore's library.

Carolyn taught me that you don't have to have
students sit in straight rows to be an effective
teacher.  I loved watching Carolyn's classes.  They
sat on the floor, under their desks, wore costumes,
and they LEARNED!  We got to share a
second career as staff developers together when
we both moved to central office.

(not pictured)
My classroom was right next to 
Joyce's when I first went back
to teaching after staying home with my
children for 12 years.  She is one of the 
most organized people I know and I would
listen to how she did things and then
copy her.  Thank you Joyce for helping
a newbie become a teacher like you.

(not pictured)
Mary LOVED her students.
When we taught together, Mary
was single and her students
were her family.  They adored her!
She was a cross-country bike rider and
I can remember vividly Mary bringing
her bike to school to show the students
bike safety.  Fun times!  

Thank you friends for loving
children and loving me.  You
are an integral part of my life.


Joyce Hollis said...

Loved your post! What a sweet tribute to our fourth grade team.
You were an inspiration to all of us and the children whose lives you touched over the years at Moore. Those were the good days!
I miss them.


Miss G said...

These teachers were all an inspiration to me too and I love the way my life has intertwined with theirs too from student to teaching their kids. Kelly