Friday, June 22, 2012

Swing High, Swing Low

Jeremy made me swings for under
the deck and his boys are already
enjoying them.

This is Aaron's smile face.

Caleb's smile face.

Wee!  This is fun!

Learning to hold on tight.
Don't you just love his shoes?
This boy loves Sesame Street characters
as much as his brother loves super heroes.

Since Sweetie is here visiting, she got to enjoy the swings too.  


Jenni said...

those swings look like great fun!!

Anonymous said...

If I was there I would be on the swings, too. Fun, fun!~donna price

Lynn Leaming said...

Always fun at grandma's house :-) Enjoy your visit with your mom!!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

So Sweetie is wearing a coat and Caleb is in shorts. Guess he's a real Colorado boy now!