Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Retirement Katy

My Sweet Friend Katy
retired last month.
She is a very special lady
and we share both being 
elder's wives and belonging
to the same Life Group
at our church.

It's time to celebrate.

Welcome to Retirement Katy!

If you look closely, you can see that we had newspapers on the
table to honor her time at the Gazette.
The napkins also had "G" on them.
That was a serendipity since
I had originally bought
the napkins for "Gibson", not "Gazette".

Newspaper streamers hanging from the

No more working 9 to 5.

No more setting an alarm.  I just noticed
that the alarm says 2:10.  I don't think
Katy woke up quite that early.

Our sweet friend Claudia made the cake.  I can't
figure out how to rotate the picture, so
ready...set...turn your head to the left and you
will see the beautiful creation.

Another friend, Jeanette, made a precious cookie
bouquet.  Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture
of it before it was nibbled to pieces.

Everyone who attended the party,
our Life Group and the Eastside Church of
Christ elder's and staff wives, enjoyed celebrating with
Katy.  One of the things that we did was to share with each other
all of the jobs we had held since we were teenagers.   It
was so interesting to hear all of the occupations in the room
that night.  One thing that really struck me was how almost
every job involved service to others.

That's just the kind of special ladies I
am fortunate enough to be friends with.

Hopefully Katy will have lots of time
for visiting with friends now that
she is a lady of leisure.


For those of you who know my daughter,
you can probably see her fingerprints
all over the decorations for
this celebration.
Thanks Kelly for sharing
your creativity.  


Mindy S. said...

Ha! When I saw the picture with the lanterns I thought, "I bet Kelly helped with some of the decorating ideas!" Fun times.

Lynn Leaming said...

It was such a fun evening! Thanks again for a great time and thank you Kelly for all the cuteness!

Miss G said...

It was such a great night. I really, really enjoyed the time spent with all of you. Katy is such a dear lady! Kelly

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Special friends-- special days! Very cute party!