Thursday, May 10, 2012

May 2012 Ten on Ten (My First)

My daughter at Sundrenched Moments
has been doing 10 on 10 for quite a while
now.  You are supposed to take 10 pictures,
one each hour, on the tenth day of each month
to document your everyday life.  
I asked her to remind me so that
I could do my first 10 on 10 in May.
I randomly took 10 pictures,
and with my iphone at that because
the memory card in my other
camera was full.
So here's my first 10 on 10.

This was my grandmother's china.
We are having a Mother-Daughter Tea
at our church this Saturday
and I am decorating a table.  See the coffee cups
in the background?
I have the most vivid memory of my Grandpa
Aven pouring his hot coffee from the cup
into the saucer to cool it! Then he
drank his coffee from the saucer. 

It's Ironing Day.  

I'm painting a little table the same color as my big deck table
so that the little guys will have their own place
to sit.  

These beautiful purple flowers are growing amongst the
rocks in my back yard.  They come up each
year all by themselves.  LOVE IT!  

Another purple bush in the backyard.  

I bet you didn't know that Colorado has kryptonite.
This rock is below our deck in the FORT and
we are just sure it is kryptonite.  

David hates this chair and I love it.
To keep the peace, it is sitting below the
deck in the fort.  That makes
David happy and gives me a place
to sit when the boys are playing in the fort.
Don't anyone suggest painting it.
I like it just like it is.

We were on a very long waiting list
at our local library for this book,
 and it finally came in yesterday.
I am about half finished with it.
My sweet husband always lets me
have the first read.  

This vintage washtub has been used for
soft drinks on the deck.  This year it is
going to be used for flowers on the front
porch--when all danger of snow is past.  

My brother, Lynn, planted flowers
in our front flower bed
at our Family reunion last summer.
These are coming back up beautifully.
The scraggly leaves in the background
are from tulips.  Although I love
tulips, I hate that you have to wait until
the leaves turn brown before trimming them.  

Hopefully I'll be doing more
10 on 10's
in the future.
I had fun, hope you did too.  


Mindy S. said...

Where did you get your ironing board cover? I lost a quilt just like it in the tornado. It was so pretty! But I can't complain that I lost it too much. It was just from Foley's--not sentimental (and there were so many sentimental things that I DID NOT lose that I am very thankful).

Jenni said...

love all your flowers! really wish I had any sort of a green thumb....

Miss G said...

Yea for ten on ten! Ironing day is such a good idea if only I felt like doing it. :)

Your flowers are beautiful and you're doing a great job on the table! love you, Kelly

wendee G said...

My grandmother had the same dishes, now they are in my China hutch ;)

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Loved spending the day with you this way! Hope the flowers continue blooming for many months ahead.

Happy Mother's Day

Rebekka said...

Great to see your 10 :)! Took me a minute to decide which David did not like your chair. hehehe.