Saturday, May 19, 2012

Garage Sale Goodies

I love to go to Garage Sales.
I often don't buy a thing,
but it is fun to see one
person's junk which might be another
person's treasure.

My kids and I enjoyed going to 
Garage Sales when they were 
at home.  Jeremy and I 
searched forever 
 for a certain street--if only we had
had GPS back then.  

This morning I found lots
of good "junk".
It wasn't priced so when I asked
the teenager running the sale
how much it was, she said $2.00.
When I set it back down, she
said, "Oh, yeah, that is $1.00."
I picked it back up.
Twister spinners are good for
lots of things--I can't think of
them at the moment, but I'm sure
for $1.00 it will come back to me.

Fun videos for $1.00 each.

$1.50 for the stack. The little guys
and I will find something to do with them.

My favorite--Tupperware glasses and
scoops.  I never have enough of
these scoops and the glasses
are great to shake up your flour
and water to make gravy.

This Ninja Turtle Castle for $3.00
is going to be a big hit.

Look what was inside.
Not sure who the man in the gray
coat is, but Caleb will inform me
as soon as he comes over.

What do you call the selling of
unwanted items in front of your
house?  Different parts of the country
have different names.  

1 comment:

A Tale of Two Cities said...

You hit the jackpot with that Ninja Turtle Castle! Now can you find a Barbie house for me???