Tuesday, May 22, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

I haven't been too efficient at
blogging in the past few months
so I am playing a little catch-up
in the next few blogs.

We had our second annual 
St. Patrick's Day party
at Nana and Ducca's
house this year.

Last year, it was just Caleb.
This year, all 3 grandsons joined
in on the fun.

What would a party for boys be without
Noise Putty?
And I'll leave it to your
imagination as to what noise it makes.

Lots of green food.

Rainbow food
We also made necklaces out of this cereal.
Here is a necklace sample.
The little guys ate more than they strung.  

Lucky Charms

What would a party be without
balloons and balls?
In this case, GREEN
balloons and balls.




They were very busy with the balls.
In fact, there were green balls everywhere.

Racing a car down the slide.
Nothing whatsoever to do with
St. Patty's Day, but oh, so fun!

Opening the noisy putty.

Priceless smile.

Our big five year old.
At the end of the party, he asked if
he could bring 2 of his friends from
his neighborhood next year.
What a nice compliment.  

The green bath with green balls was a big success.

Happy St. Patrick's Day
a little late.

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A Tale of Two Cities said...

I bet a lot of kids were "green with envy" to hear about this party. I could see your grandkids wanting to bring their buddies from now on and this turning in to a big shindig!