Monday, May 7, 2012

How NOT to Make a Book Cover Headboard

The bed in the Grandchildren Room
needed a headboard and I was
itching to make one using the
book covers that my librarian niece, 
Jenny, had saved for me.
One of the tutorials I saw suggested using plywood
but we were afraid that might be hard to hang
on the wall, so I purchased a painting canvas.

Another tutorial suggested using watered
down Elmer's glue, but that seemed messy.

Can you tell why this is a How NOT To post?
I ignored all the tutorials and did my own thing.

The glue didn't want to stick to the canvas and the edges of the
book covers kept curling up so I got good old
Mod Podge and covered it all.

Love all these fun book covers.

And I guess the saying "All's well that ends well"
is true.  I love the way the finished product

Close Up so you can check out the books used.

More close ups.

I have caught each of the grandsons
from time to time, sitting on the bed,
gazing at the book covers and
pointing to their favorite book.

There's more than one way to ensure a love of reading!


Stacee H. said...

What a FUN idea! It looks great!!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

What a very clever idea!! Aren't you the crafty one in your retirement? Bet the little guys love finding the book covers. What's your next project?