Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mother Daughter Tea

On the Saturday before Mother's Day,
we had a Mother Daughter Tea
at our church.  
I thought you might enjoy some 
eye candy looking at each of 
the beautiful tables.  

This was my table.
I used my Grandma Aven's
Desert Rose dishes.

I'm pretty sure I missed
photos of some of the
tables, but here are the ones
I got pictures of.

I have added the hostess's
name if I knew whose table it was.

Forgive me if I mismatched some
tables with hostesses.  

Claudia Shipton

Kami Mead

Joan Preslar

Victoria Crews

Ashley Hollis and Sarah Baxter

Claudia Shipton
(notice the grandchild created placemats)

Jeanette Cox

I just love the creativity of my friends.  


Lynn Leaming said...

It was such a lovely tea. Yes, you are humble and don't mention you got voted the Prettiest Table :-) I think it is because your grandma Aven's Desert Rose is such a pretty pattern :-)

Miss G said...

It was such a fun day! Kelly