Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Reunion Garden

Mandy made the comment at our Family
Reunion that it was so much fun seeing
how each of my siblings showed their love
and support for me in different, special ways
while we were all together.

My brother, Lynn, is the acknowledged
gardener in the family. He not only has
a green thumb, he has one of the most
beautiful gardens at his home in Houston.
I, on the other hand, have a black thumb.
I am terrible at gardening even though I really
like beautiful flowers.

Since I was in the midst of cancer treatment
right before the reunion, I didn't feel like sprucing
up the front flower bed, but you know how it is,
company was coming and I wanted everything
just right. Well, inspiration hit.
I e-mailed by brother, Lynn,
and asked if he would "enjoy"
creating a flower bed for me while he was there.

I knew what the answer would be.
Of course he would. Now that's a great brother.
We had a gift certificate from a local nursery
that had been given to us by the elders and their
wives at our church when my daddy passed away
and it was just waiting to be used by a master gardener.
It turned out to be a Lynn Aven family affair.
Lynn and my nephew Matthew went to the nursery
and picked out perennial, native to Colorado
plants. None of those annual
plants for me. Lynn says I need something
that will come back up each year.
Does he know his sister, or what?
On Sunday afternoon, just before they
had to leave to go to the airport,
Lynn and Terry, Matthew and Emily
(better known in our family as Lady Em)
created a beautiful flower garden
for our enjoyment.
I got last minute lessons on the importance
of watering and deadheading.
Thank you Lynn, Terry, Matthew and Lady Em.
I am enjoying the flowers immensely.
And yes, they are thriving!