Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nana is Nesting

I used to sew when my children were little, but I haven't done much sewing in years.
Lately I have been sewing burp clothes for the new little ones that
our family is expecting to arrive in mid-April.
But in the midst of the sewing frenzy,
I am also working on a PowerPoint presentation.
I told my sweet husband tonight that I feel like my two worlds are meeting.
I guess that's what a happy retirement feels like.
Oh, and those of you who are very observant might have noticed
a few of Caleb's toys in the background.
All my worlds are blending together.

Take a look at some of the beautiful fabrics
that will adorn my new grandbabies' burp clothes.

Nesting is so much fun--even for Nanas.


Debi said...

Well, your crafty side is re-emerging, now that you have time and some cold weather to keep you indoors more. Have fun with it--the fabrics are so cute!

See you this weekend???

I didn't broadcast that Cristen was my daughter-in-law because for all my readers who do not know her, I didn't want the contest to look rigged!!! It wasn't I promise!

Ashley said...

What wonderful fabrics!

Miss G said...

yea! so exciting!! love you, Kel

BR said...

Rock on! Love your burp cloths!! Please keep posting your crafts!! I LOVE crafts!! I am crocheting a little hanky sized bunny blanket tonight.