Friday, February 26, 2010

FUN Photo Friday

One of Caleb's favorite things to do when he comes to our
house is to look at the photos on my computer.
It's lots of fun for me as well.
So I have decided to start FUN Photo Friday.
I will just scroll through my photos and pick the
first few that strike my fancy.
You might get captions;
I might just leave the meaning to your imagination!
I hope you enjoy!

This was one of the stocking stuffers that
Santa Kelly left in Mandy's stocking.

This is a really neat "attraction" at Houston's Discovery Green.
There are two of these "bowls" sitting quite far apart
(I am not good at estimating distance)
If you are sitting inside one of the "bowls" and
a friend is sitting in the other "bowl", you can hear
what they are saying even if they are speaking in a whisper.

Jeremy and Mandy dressed up in their Roaring 20's garb
for their friend Ryan's 30th Birthday Party.

My friend Denise and I got to go to London together!

Confession Time
I am not really good at Long Range Projects like this,
so we might have more FUN Photo Friday's.
This might be the one and only.


Miss G said...

You're cute! love it! love YOU! Kelly

Debi said...

Love the idea of Photo Fridays. Can't wait to see more.