Thursday, February 11, 2010


Earlier this week on Facebook, I mentioned
that my mom had made me a great foot-warming
My friend Amy promptly dubbed it a "Foogie".
Several people thought it would be a best seller for cold weather,
and others wanted to see pictures.
Below is the ORIGINAL!
My mom, who we call Sweetie,
has been making these for us for years.
They are filled with rice and can be heated up in the microwave.
They are great to use to keep warm or for aches and pains.
I kept this one nearby at all times when I had the flu earlier this season.
Sweetie then came up with the brainstorm of making one with a "pocket"
where you can place your feet to keep them warm.
The first picture below shows one foot in and one foot out.
(Does that remind you of the hokey-pokey song?)
This photo shows both feet warmly cuddled into my Foogie.

Thanks, Sweetie, I love it!


Miss G said...

and are those your smart wool socks? so fun. love you, Kel

Kim said...

I could not survive the winter without my Foogie!

Debi said...

That's ingenious! Warm feet-warm heart!


BR said...

Bam! I HAVE those same smartwools! You're not in Texas anymore!